Adobe flash player wont download, help??

Hi all, jsut wondering if some one can I help me i am struggling to update flash player, it comes up saying install missing plugins which i try to search, then says cant find any and to do it manually?? I dont know how to do it manually either because its all in goobity gook writing! I tried to even deleting adobe flash player and reinstall but still same thing happenes! I ran a antivirus check and it was clean can anyone help me?? TIA :-)

geek_petal89, Oct 16, 6:15 pm

am I doing something wrong?? usually I have no problems with download it and firewall is ok and on have checked security settings etc

geek_petal89, Oct 16, 6:16 pm

Manually means going to this site:

clicking "download flash player" (to the right)

saving to desktop and once it's downloaded, run the file. It will ask you to close your browsers etc and install.

geek_-mung-, Oct 16, 6:33 pm

tried that still wont load grr lol! computers ay tried to temporaily turn firewall off but nah same thing install missing plugins but then when i click that it says cant find missing plugins which i click then it says cant fined plugin to view items! whatever that means

geek_petal89, Oct 16, 6:52 pm

what webpage are you trying to view (if not a rude question :p)?

geek_-mung-, Oct 16, 6:54 pm

Ok I was trying mozilla firefox something must be blocking it from there, so went to Internet explorer and seems to have downloaded :-) dunno why as i used to be able to download it no problem from firefox!!!

geek_petal89, Oct 16, 7:05 pm

ohh yeah sorry its a porno site?? pmsl lol :-P jokes lol

geek_petal89, Oct 16, 7:06 pm

maybe being preggy and blonde moments dont go I think it was shockwave and the debuggers that u need to view programs right?? lol well I think i have got it! lol thanks for your help :-) Got your lotto ticket for tonight???

geek_petal89, Oct 16, 7:11 pm

weird, okay as long as you got it working :)

Just wanted to see if there was something funny about the site you were trying to view.

geek_-mung-, Oct 16, 7:11 pm

yup got it downloaded i think it was shockwave which loaded no problem from internet explorer, then I went downlaoded the shockwave on firefox and that worked so i think that must be why it had missing plugins but got the 10.1 verison now thanks again for your help much appreciated

geek_petal89, Oct 16, 7:38 pm

Just be aware (perhaps not the situation here) that there are many, many fake porno sites which display only thumbnails and don't really have any of the videos they claim. When you try to play the video they tell you you need the latest flash plugin and provide a link to 'flashplugin.exe' which is actually a trojan or fake AV.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 16, 7:59 pm

Thank you L-E I am aware of such things and No i dont watch/download porno was teasing Mung hahhaha! but thansk for also pointing that up if it comes to any websites such as adobe or something to do with windows I am always aware of what it is if it looks fishy I just dont bother! :-)

geek_petal89, Oct 17, 12:41 pm