16gb Flash Drive for $14.

datoofairy, Oct 16, 11:33pm
In a thread here recently someone was bemoaning the cost of flash drives.
Here are 16GB's for $14.


p_rock, Oct 16, 11:36pm
Cool site.

r.g.nixon, Oct 17, 12:20am
Sold out!

logo, Oct 22, 7:49am
The one I got from them was a fake - 4GB real capacity but reporting as a 16GB

datoofairy, Oct 22, 8:06am
Did you get one of the ones from that sale I put the link up for?When you put it in your computer, did it show up as only 4gb, or did it show up as 16gb but would only hold 4gb?

chito, Oct 22, 8:12am
That was like my fake Ipod from ebay. said 4GB, but kept crashing until I reformatted it with a proper drive formatter, and it was only 1GB. At least I got a refund.

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