Mixing wireless adapter brands

kane199, Oct 17, 8:30pm
Is this generally a bad idea? Our xbox, iPad, phones and neighbors laptop all connect and stay connected but the tp-link adapters in our pcs are forever disconnecting or loosing connectivity at random intervals with or without any load, both pcs have a direct line of sight on both xp and wseven, our modem is a netgear dgn3500

stevel_knievel, Oct 17, 9:22pm
"Wireless G" should be fine, "Wireless N" may cause issues as there are a few different types.

princelee, Oct 17, 9:23pm
tp-link is generally regarded as being a budget brand, get yaself some linksys adaptors and i bet your issue will disappear.

smac, Oct 17, 10:02pm
Would have to disagree with the statements on brand. Have yet to see any issues with TP, but I've personally had nothing but trouble with Linksys.

princelee, Oct 18, 1:27am
Linksys does sell some poor quality stuff that ive had issues with in the past, but most of its better quality N series products etc ive never had any issues with. TP is crap as i see a lot that has issues in my line of work.

drcspy, Oct 18, 1:34am
check device manager for the powersettings on those adaptor properties..........

spyware, Oct 18, 5:46am
Looks like it is connected to me. No internet access would imply an IP address problem to me. Completely different layer.

lostdude, Oct 18, 5:55am
or dns problem

kane199, Oct 18, 6:17am
I set my IP at the modem so it holds it and doesn't change, disabling it does nothing towards the issue, when it does as pictured i can't browse network or web pages unless i reboot both the PC/s and modem, doing ether separately wont help.

Doesn't matter if I'm streaming to the Xbox, playing WoW, browsing the net or even away from the PC

spyware, Oct 18, 8:49am
Run "ipconfig /all" on the interface (obviously during network loss) and post results. How can we guess what is happening.

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