Cv question regarding microsoft word

I have made a cv except I do not have microsoft word (well not the full one) I can open it up on microsoft word but thats about it, is there any way I can transport it somewhere else to send it?

geek_edkemper, Oct 17, 10:49 pm

get yourself Open Office:http://download.openoff-

geek_lilyfield, Oct 17, 10:59 pm

Ok thanks :)

geek_edkemper, Oct 17, 11:00 pm

I'm confused. The other common format for CV's is PDF, where you print the Word document to a PDF writer, then send the PDF - which the recipient cannot easily change. If your question is a transport issue, you could copy the Word document to a USB stick, floppy, email it directly from the computer, print it and carry it...

geek_gyrogearloose, Oct 17, 11:02 pm