Outlook Express Vs MS Outlook

With Express I use to right click the email to view properties if in doubt about its origins or contents, then as a further check I could Google some key words from the properties.I now have windows 7 and MS Outlook, and have yet to figure out how I view the email properties.I would appreciate some help on finding the link to the email properties in Microsoft Outlook.Thanks

geek_mcarky, Oct 20, 10:20 am

have you bought and paid for a version of microsoft office ? or are you running the 'pre installed' office trial version ?

the ONLY way to get microsoft outlook is if your'e running office.......if you have a trial version then you better go back to using a different mail program........outlook express wont work in win7 but 'windows live mail' will.......it's a free download.........

geek_drcspy, Oct 20, 11:20 am

I do have Outlook 2000 without any other office programs...

Not needed,do you want me to list it???
Bought it many years ago & never used it...

geek_mr_lovebug, Oct 20, 11:28 am

geek_mr_lovebug, Oct 20, 11:38 am