Microsoft Word help please

As of yesterday, I can open word documents and view them, but I can't add to them, nothing happens when I try to type.When I try it says 'This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked.'
I am not sure what has happened?How do I unlock it?Any advise in this area would be appreciated. Many of the icons on the tool bar are not illuminated and I can't click on them to try and change anything.It is almost as if all documents are on some sort of protect mode and view only.

geek_twonk, Oct 20, 8:08 pm

maybe you only have a trial version of office ?
is the computer new ?
did you PAY for microsoft office ?

geek_drcspy, Oct 20, 8:32 pm

Hmmm, that is something I was thinking.It is a new computer.Microsoft rail was supposed to be 60 days but it has only been 33 days?

geek_twonk, Oct 20, 10:23 pm

What if you "save as..." and give it a slightly different name? Then add to it.

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 20, 10:27 pm

geek_little_egypt, Oct 20, 10:27 pm

Can't do that, as in post 1, most icons are not illuminated so I can't click on anything.

geek_twonk, Oct 20, 10:32 pm

Had a bit of a read, but I'm not a computer kind of guy.Is this something that is similar or superior to Microsoft?Costly?

geek_twonk, Oct 20, 10:33 pm

Go-Oo is free & similar to Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint.

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 20, 10:35 pm

Cool, thanks. I might give it a whirl.

geek_twonk, Oct 20, 10:37 pm

Hmmmm, not sure what happened, but after downloading that and restarting my computer nothing has changed?

Have noticed my word documents are in 'compatability mode' what is that?

geek_twonk, Oct 20, 11:43 pm

you'll have open office installed ?

assuming you HAVE then what's happend so far is you now have two office programs now need to TELL the computer to use the NEW program to open your files.........

right clik on ANY word document then use the 'open with' dialouge box to find ' writer' ........left clik that to highlight it then clik 'always use this program to open files of this type' then clik ok

geek_drcspy, Oct 20, 11:48 pm

If your trial date has expired, try resetting your computer date back a month or two and see if you can update the word doc then reset date to real time

geek_eurika, Oct 22, 4:06 am

Microsoft Office trial dates are normally 30 days - never heard of a 60 day trial for Word.

geek_sapper1, Oct 23, 1:26 am

but but almost all new pc's have office trial installed and as far as I recall it's 60days (iv'e seen so many I dont usually pay attention any more.....)

geek_drcspy, Oct 23, 1:27 am

Completely un-install the MS Office trial;

Then install Go-oo again (hope you downloaded the installer and kept it, rather than clicking 'run' directly)

geek_little_egypt, Oct 23, 1:30 am