Can you recommend a printer?

greatauntyof2, Oct 21, 10:27pm
I need to buy a new printer I had a brother one but not that impressed with it. I would like a printer it dosen't need to be fancy but I got sick of it not working if just one color ink cartridge was empty. I am happy to just print in black and not color.

morrisman1, Oct 21, 10:37pm
Basic brother laser printer. Ive had one for about two years now and it is a great basic printer. Good printing speed and very low cost. I paid $150 for it (only because harvy norman screwed up the price sticker) and it got over a year on the original toner. Toners can be more reliably refilled than ink printers and the toner is very cheap. It came with a 1500 page cartridge originally and the replacement cost under $100 and it is good for 2500 pages.

HP have some small lasers too but i cant speak for them. My Brother is a HL-2040 which has been superseded now

r.g.nixon, Oct 21, 10:39pm
I'm happy with our Epson TX200. Was cheap too.

morrisman1, Oct 21, 10:40pm
I just had a look on the brother site, the 2140 is the new model. It had just came out when i bought mine and the difference is mainly a larger print buffer which means it can store more in its queue.

lancer96, Oct 21, 11:00pm
canon mx 340 payed $117wifiso good

foxray2000, Oct 22, 1:16am
Canon PIXMA MP270 Multi-Function Basic, very reliable and on special at DSE for $58.00 for a review

r.g.nixon, Oct 22, 1:27am
If it is like the MP250, there are no third-party ink refills for it (when I last looked a few months ago.)

peter148, Oct 22, 5:27am
+1 for any Canon Pixma MP.The ink is available at the Warehouse.

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