Windows 7 64bit connection probs??

vitaminh, Oct 25, 3:45am
Hi my internet keeps dropping off then coming back after 30 mins or so and it has been on and off since I got my new win7 laptop. it gives me a dns error message, any ideas??? It's not my internet as my old lappy connects fine? Cheers.

swivel, Oct 25, 3:47am
check in the settings that it isn't been turned off by windows after a set time

ross1970, Oct 25, 4:23am
device manager - network adaptors - your network card - properties - "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" = UNCHECKED

vitaminh, Oct 25, 6:58am
ARGGGHHHHHH. Did what you suggested and rebooted and still it keeps dropping it's connection and then coming back after 10 mins or so. It still keeps telling me it's a DNS prob. I am hoping it's a network issue and it will resolve itself but I doubt it. Any other ideas?? Cheers guys.

ross1970, Oct 25, 7:10am
Do an ipconfig /all from the command prompt on the problematic pc, note down dns servers.
Do the same on the laptop that connects fine.

Compare them ( dns servers used ), set problem pc to the use same dns as the non-problem pc ( if different).

vitaminh, Oct 25, 7:54am
OK i was wrong the other lappy gos down also when this new one drops, and my other post about slingshot has a few ppl saying they are having issues with there connection. So fingers crossed that is the prob. Cheers again.

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