Palm Treo Pro vs HTC Snap (HTC S523).

badcam, Oct 3, 4:03am
Is the palm really worth the $300.00 price difference? Does anyone have either of these phones? If so, why did you choose that one and not the other?

badcam, Oct 5, 3:48am
Pumpity... pump pump!

soodanim, Oct 5, 9:06am
I've the HTC Snap because I didn't think the Palm was worth the extra $300 lol But I don't really do much with probably not much of a recommendation

soodanim, Oct 5, 9:08am
oh and I was thinking of selling it because in the end I didn't really do much with hmmmmm

badcam, Oct 5, 9:23am
Sood. What's it like for surfing the web? Really, just for quick referrals or searches. What's it like with the TM site? Is there anything about the phone that you don't like? Foibles? How's the keyboard for typing? Any idea of how it compares to the Treo?

soodanim, Oct 5, 9:36am
Never used a Treo so I can't compare I am not really a "mobile phone" kind of person....OK on TM but I've not really used it for the web much....I like the size of the screen, it's great for photos and mp4s etc.........I am probably not using it to full capabilities. I find the keyboard fine to type on and I have fat Foibles?

soodanim, Oct 5, 9:37am
Oh and I don't think there's anything I don't like about it, I just don't know how to use it

badcam, Oct 5, 9:44am
$300 is a big difference for two very similar phones. Really, it all comes down to the slightly larger screen, the fact that it's a touchscreen and the 3.5 socket in the Treo. Is it worth it? The videos I've seen of the Snap suggest that it's very responsive. Is it? I'll probably be making use of most of it's features, texting, email, wifi, web. MP3 player. The Treo looks awesome, but the look of the keyboard puts me off. What I don't like about the snap is that it needs a proprietary connector for headphones.

soodanim, Oct 5, 9:54am
Yeah I thought that about the connection too, but after using it for awhile...I think it pretty sturdy. Not likely to break, I've had to replace a few sets of 3.5mm earphones, plugs or headphones etc because they've broken

badcam, Oct 5, 9:58am
Hmm. I think you're convincing me sood. It's the cheapest of the Telecom smartphones and seems like it could take some punishment.

soodanim, Oct 5, 10:04am
I would recommenda case or screen protector but only if you are REALLY fussy about your phone. I've noticed some very light scratches when the phone is off (or on standby) but they are not noticeable while using the phone. If you aren't that vain then you probably won't mind lol

badcam, Oct 5, 10:10am
You have the best UN on TM by the way.

0800xford, Oct 5, 10:25am
... badcam said foibles

soodanim, Oct 5, 10:26am
lol what's a UN?

0800xford, Oct 5, 10:43am
... your username IS one of the better ones, swampd0nkey is good too =p

soodanim, Oct 5, 10:49am
lol swampdonkey....Hubby thought it up... :)

0800xford, Oct 5, 10:58am
... omg badcam said foibles you said hubby, what's next? lolcats? yup!

badcam, Oct 5, 6:47pm
Oh gosh. Silly me, my typing. I meant to say: Have you played "Meet the Foibles" on it?

badcam, Oct 5, 6:49pm

0800xford, Oct 5, 9:06pm
... "hi, i'm wobert" XD

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