Microsoft Word Help please

michelle145, Oct 5, 5:27am
wont open any docs. Not responding...please help, i have Office2000

kevin16, Oct 5, 5:30am
any docs? or just the newer ones sent by someone else?

michelle145, Oct 5, 5:31am
no... i cant open any docs....

gyrogearloose, Oct 5, 5:31am
Reboot and retest and if it still doesn't respond, reboot again but this time dearch for and delete all instances of the file "", then when you run Word it will rebuild this file (it contains the default settings and might have become corrupt).

michelle145, Oct 5, 5:34am
no... no luck doing that, cant find any files...

gyrogearloose, Oct 5, 5:40am
Look harder, there will definitely be at least 1 in the advanced search window, tick 'Include non-indexed, hidden and system files'. Mine lies in C:\Users\Gyro\AppData\Roaming\-

michelle145, Oct 5, 5:46am
hmmmmm if i follow that map..i end up being able to choose word/startup and its EMPTY!!
oh no!!

michelle145, Oct 5, 5:49am
ok i found it, plus two others with !! is the file name. I deleted them, but still no luck..still not responding!

drcspy, Oct 5, 6:56am
try a search thru hiddne files and folders for, delete what you find then try opening word again.Failing that use the office cd (hopefully you still have it) stuff it in the pc and when ti goes to install it'll offer you the option of 'repair' do that.If you dont have the cd you'll have to get it from somewhere, failing that download open office it'll open any word files and allow you to do anythign you want to them.

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