Lexmark printer driver help URGENT

jklnz, Oct 4, 3:47am
Hi, can anyone help.I have just bought a Acer laptop and I need to install my lexmark x2330 printer but I don't have the driver for it. I have downloaded 3 drivers but can't find where they went on my puter.Anyone is Southland that could do it for me?. I only use dialup at the moment

-kiel-, Oct 4, 3:48am
Check in your documents folder, in "downloads"

-kiel-, Oct 4, 3:51am
You should see a file "cjb2300EN", that will be the driver folder.

jklnz, Oct 4, 3:52am
Did that, it is a if they have just disappeared. I am in the middle of a university degree and need the printer running in the next few days. It takes forever to download anything and then it just vanishes

-kiel-, Oct 4, 3:55am
try doing a search for "cjb2300EN"
using the search feature.

jklnz, Oct 4, 4:04am
Ive done the search thing too, but nothing. Really strange.All 3 that I downloaded are nowhere to be seen

-kiel-, Oct 4, 4:06am
Ok, What web browser are you using? (internet explorer, Firefox) and what version of windows? (Xp, Vista)

jklnz, Oct 4, 4:12am
Internet explorer and windows vista

-kiel-, Oct 4, 4:16am
Are you getting the option "Save As"? and save it to the desktop?

jklnz, Oct 4, 4:17am
I got the options run or save I clicked save and it said it was going to my download folder, but it disappeared

-kiel-, Oct 4, 4:19am
Ok click "Run" =)

jklnz, Oct 4, 4:24am
Will I go back to the websites I used and reopen the link??

-kiel-, Oct 4, 4:25am

jklnz, Oct 4, 4:32am
ok done that It said its going to the temporary folder and goin to take 5 hours lol

-kiel-, Oct 4, 4:35am
Oh no... do you know anyone nearby with broadband (friend/family) where you could download it and put it on your computer using a flash drive (usb drive)

little_egypt, Oct 4, 4:37am
download at uni they always have nice fast internet...

jklnz, Oct 4, 4:41am
I don't know anyone with broadband I live rural and am doing my degree extramurally so can't used uni puters :(

jklnz, Oct 4, 10:03am
That seems to have worked Thanks heaps

jklnz, Oct 5, 12:40am
The driver installed fine but when I went to use the printer it keeps coming up with a message saying the cartridge isn't istalled properly or is incorrect. I have double and triple checked and it is fine. Is it possible it is a software problem?????

little_egypt, Oct 5, 2:13am
lexmark make the shittiest printers in the world I'd suggest toss that piece of crap in the garbage and get an HP or just about anything else other than a lexmark.

jklnz, Oct 5, 2:17am
lol I was considering that I need a printer before Wednesday so looks like I might have to go buy another one. What are the compac ones like

little_egypt, Oct 5, 3:07am
well they're all HP now.. all the HP stuff I've used has been pretty good.

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