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brassmaiden, Oct 3, 2:27am
I'm want to print a "Systems Options Log" from NZAGold - this is a windows based accounting system we registered in 2001 but it dates back further than that. When you select "Systems Options" the log pops up in another window but there is no print function. The log is quite big & the windows option of highlighting, copying & pasting doesn't work. I can screen print & paste but I'm hoping there is a better, quicker way. Thanks

drcspy, Oct 3, 2:28am
what happens when you try to higlight and copy/ paste ?......

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 2:40am
Thanks but doesn't work Although NZA is a windows based programme a lot of the features such as highlight & paste don't work at least in this Log window. Thanks. I thought there might be a key board print function.

0800xford, Oct 3, 2:41am
... maybe some more advanced clipboard management software is in order?

4bes, Oct 3, 2:42am
have you tried highlighting then press ctrl & P The print window popup should give you the option to print 'selected'

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 2:48am
Doesn't work I can only highlight 1 line at a time & not the whole lot. There are no right click mouse functions such as "copy" & no options on the window.

drcspy, Oct 3, 2:50am
you tried the help file in the program ? and is there no way to 'save' this window ?

drcspy, Oct 3, 2:54am
or email or otherwise contact their support and find out if there is a way......there probably will be
this.....pop up that log page then ignore it and run a search thru the computer for the title of that log (i'm thinking it could also be in the 'temp' files and you might be able to copy/save/print that one - maybe) could search for say *options*.log if its' called 'systems options log'.....or *options*.txt

drcspy, Oct 3, 2:56am
alternatively you could do screenshots of the log page by page and print em.......(might want to 'stitch' them together in paint or similar before printing ?)

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 3:05am
Thanks drcspy "Help" is no good because these are the Secret Squirrel X-Files. A dealer or NZA personal might know how to do it. Unfortunately support ceased about December 2004 after they were taken over by MYOB. I have tried running a search & can find the Error Log (similar) but not the Systems Options Log. I have trialed screen printing & putting together as you suggest. This does work but I wasn't sure what finished print quality I would get. It is quite important as I want to prove there was unauthorised registration & use of our system several years ago.

drcspy, Oct 3, 3:08am
print quality would be ok I'd say ................ you can only try it eh....

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 3:08am
Thanks also0800xford I don't think this will work because I can't use the copy & paste function so the data isn't actually pasted to the windows clip board but I will investigate your idea.

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 3:43am
drcspy your advise in #8 seems pretty close to solving the problem. The window was called "Error Log"; Systems Options is one of the options. I ran a search for "Error Log" & turned up several but none were for NZA. However a few days ago I found what I believe to be 2 Logs in the Reports folder of the NZA system - ERRLOG. However 1 is a CDX File & the other a DBF. I'm not clever enough to know what to do with them as windows needs to know the programme that created them - I haven't searched the net yet. Will try this but it looks like when all else fails -Hit The Print Screen Key!!

drcspy, Oct 3, 3:49am
RE those log files you found with 'funny' extensions.......just open the folder they're in.....then open a blank notepad file.....then left clik and drag a logfile IN to that notepage 'page'.....

r.g.nixon, Oct 3, 3:55am
Using Excel navigate to where the DBF file is and open it (the type will be DBaseIII or similar)

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 4:21am
Re #14 - an excellent idea drcspy BUT NZA are toooo clever - "Access to the specified device, path or file is denied"..."This object was created in Package. This application is not available to open this object."

r.g.nixon, Oct 3, 4:24am
#16 get unlocker to get access to any file.

0800xford, Oct 3, 4:30am
... malwarebytes has one of those too, unlocker is awesome though.

little_egypt, Oct 3, 4:38am
why? Do people tolerate proprietary software that is intentionally designed to restrict what you're able to do with it? pick one, possibly a little extra work learning something new, but support won't just 'end' as long as any significant number of people still use the software (anyone can take the source and start providing ongoing development and support if the original company stops for any reason) and you will never run into any feature designed to limit your use of the software eg restrictions on how many machines you can install it on, how many transactions before you need to pay for an upgraded license...

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 4:42am
Thanks r.g.nixon I don't have Excel but have previously picked up such docs in gmail. Have emailed these files to myself in gmail but it didn't work - "windows cannot open this file". Thanks for the advice in #17 & 18. Will try that later as I'm supposed to be cooking tea & not sitting in front of the computer. "Screen Print" will work but I'm very interested now in following this thro' & being able to actually print the file.

drcspy, Oct 3, 4:51am
the message ""Access to the specified device, path or file is denied"" is a windows security bullshit it's nothing to do with nzagold.....try right clik and copy the file (drag? to copy) somewhere like the desktop or similar......then try opening it

drcspy, Oct 3, 4:53am
and "Have emailed these files to myself in gmail but it didn't work - "windows cannot open this file"".....left clik to highlight then right clik it to get the 'open with' diaglouge box.....then choose notepad....

brassmaiden, Oct 3, 5:21am
drcspy I'm supposed to be cooking tea!!! but you have me captivated - just a little bit slow because I'm on dialup & have little memory left - (could be the age & the wine). It appears you're a genius as #22 suggestion works in Notepad - it gives me the drop-down file menu of being able to print. Now I am off to cook tea & will officially proclaim you as a "genius" later. Thanks for allowing me to bounce these ideas off you. I was almost there but used powerpoint- it sounded more....powerful??? - a woman's logic. Have some tea yourself. Thanks also to r.g.nixon & 0800xford.

0800xford, Oct 3, 5:24am
... i'm eating right now =p

drcspy, Oct 3, 5:27am
good hopefully it'll be what you need.......... and powerpoint isn't more 'powerful' just because it has that name it's actually a totally different program with totally different uses and it's pretty much useless for this ........notepad......poor little basic notepad can be very handy.....oh and I'll expect the cheques in the mail ? ;-)

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