Adobe Reader 9.1 set up hangs......

missy_chester, Oct 6, 4:19am
Anyone else had probs installing Adobe reader? It downloads OK but the set up hangs at 12%I googled it but it just came back with: make sure you've added adobe to your trusted sites. Which I have but anyway, that would only prevent it downloading, not installing surely? Any suggestions appreciated thx

0800xford, Oct 6, 4:20am
... grab foxit or sumatra instead, they are both much faster

r.g.nixon, Oct 6, 4:21am
yes, forget that bloated program and get the free version of Foxit PDF Reader.

missy_chester, Oct 6, 6:00am
thanks 0800..... and rg

guest, May 16, 8:00am
adobe works good

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