I can't get tv on demand...

elsielaurie1, Oct 8, 8:19am
I have Firefox as my browser. I have 'installed' the latest flash player but still am unable to get the videos to play from tvnz. Can anybody help?

dunedin_ree, Oct 8, 8:20am
What happens when you try?

elsielaurie1, Oct 8, 8:24am
Nothing - only a blank screen

dunedin_ree, Oct 8, 8:25am
OK .... can you play stuff on Youtube?

elsielaurie1, Oct 8, 8:26am
Yes. No problems. Even get the BBC news videos.

sko123, Oct 8, 8:32am
Do you have the AdBlock Plus addon? If so, just disable it and you sould see the video advertisement which will be very short followed by the video you want! Hope this helps

elsielaurie1, Oct 8, 8:40am
Yay!!! Thanks a bunch sko123. My life is now complete!!!! .

sko123, Oct 8, 8:44am
All good!!

guest, Jul 6, 2:30am
I have a hp tablet and cannot play tvnz on demand. Any ideas how to make it happen?

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