Adsl speed? issues?

I'm wondering if it's not just xnet.. I got new modem today and it's made no difference(from Adsl to ADSL2+ --Linksys WAG54G2--). Perhaps it's my line filters? I'm only 1.5k from the exchange too :s

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:22 pm

what sort of speeds were you getting with the older router?

geek_0800xford, Oct 8, 6:30 pm

Cont..I used to have a Dynalink RTA2200 which was just standard ADSL (normal DSL). However with this new upgrade the net should have atleast gathered something better surely? yet i'm still downloading at around 50kbps(i'm on a FS/FS plan). I'd like to rule out my phone lines, filters etc before i put ALL the blame on xnet :-) Has anyone found problems with filters? i've got dlink filters on all the phones as well as the modem in the house (totaling 4 phones).

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:31 pm


I was getting anywhere from 50kbps to 300kbps. The best i've ever had about 18months ago at 2am lol was 800kbps. It usually hung around 200kbps. However i used to get better.. My friend who lives about 700 meters away is in an older house (older lines etc) and gets 2mbps down on vodafone's red network :s

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:33 pm

50kbps = postal!

geek_0800xford, Oct 8, 6:36 pm

I'm about to go postal. It's flipping annoying. My mate gets a 2mbps+ download speed and i'm on 200kbps tops. I'm thinking if ditching xnet anyway (they do suck, but surely not THIS much?)

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:37 pm

Have you gone into the router to change it to ADSl2+? With my linksys I had to. Alsd, are you quoting download speeds or connection speeds?

geek_a31cefiro, Oct 8, 6:40 pm

Ah.. I'll give that a go. Hang on a second

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:40 pm

/got the time, tick tick ticking in my head

geek_0800xford, Oct 8, 6:44 pm

What should it be set to? i selected ADSL2+ but it committed suicude on me. I know the howick exchange has been upgraded.. Perhaps xnet says no? or should it just be standard ADSL2? rather than 2+?

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:47 pm

It's currently on "multimode"

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:47 pm

take the filter of the modem.

geek_ruki1, Oct 8, 6:49 pm

whats your speed at (say Auckland test).

geek_swivel, Oct 8, 6:53 pm

If there is a filter on the modem, that will be the problem.

geek_ruki1, Oct 8, 6:56 pm

Right o. I've removed the filter. No difference :s
I've had that filter on there for years.. never had drop outs etc (a phone used to run on that line too).

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:57 pm

Swivel, I get 2.5mbps. Which is odd as i used to get around 4mbps on the old modem. I'm thinking it has something to do with what a31cefiro said.

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 6:59 pm

Howick? I have all the bandwidth, you can't have any more. I rang my ISP the other day (ihug) and they changed me on the fly to a different 'profile' which changed the connection speed and robustness. Ring your man, tell them you want a fast profile and a good port, otherwise you will change to Xtra.

geek_gyrogearloose, Oct 8, 7:00 pm

Although since i've taken the filter off the connection speed in the modem's status has gone up to 6mbps from 5mbps. So that's a start i suppose

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 7:00 pm

Yea i'm on the Howick exchange. So i'm to call xnet and say what now?
That I want a different profile? (perhaps my change to vodafone might help).

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 7:02 pm

The modem should be connected directly to the line.every thing else goes through a filter Un plug every thing else to be sure and try again. might have to reboot the modem

geek_ruki1, Oct 8, 7:04 pm

I'm on the phone to the xnet guy now.. Aparently everything is all "good"

However he's sent an email with things i have to do (such as trace routes). Which hopefully will get me a fault ticket for telecom

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 7:13 pm

Since no-one here has mentioned this

A) Leave Xnet, yes, they are that bad now.
B)Xnet donot support ADSL2+.

geek_pawlovers, Oct 8, 7:14 pm

Definitely leave Xnet, had nothing but problems with them. You'll be glad you did. Orcon is worth checking out.

geek_cordia_4g63t, Oct 8, 7:16 pm

Orcon, or if you don't like them (No Contract) Telecom is now A+. Their plans aren't rip off anymore either, except if you go over the 40Gb limit on the 40Gb plan.

geek_pawlovers, Oct 8, 7:18 pm

one small point.. i was told you should only have two phones in the house max. or your broadband will not perform fast.if you have no phone in the wall socketwhere your broadband goes do not use a filter. i had trouble and a tech persontook mine out and presto,, faster broadband.

geek_aktow, Oct 8, 7:19 pm

Thanks guys

We need the extra phones as one family member is in a wheel chair. However i'm indeed considering ditching Xnet as Vodafone offers the red network for $90 a month in my area. It definatly beats xnet's rubbish

geek_charles.j, Oct 8, 7:21 pm