Printer won't turn on

karenz, Oct 8, 3:20am
This is a relatively new Epson Stylus CX8300, naturally it is just outside warranty. It was working fine this time last week but today it just won't turn on.All the cords are connected, I have plugged and replugged, turned upside down, pushed all the way in, jiggled while pushing button.I have also tried different power points.Is there anything other than launching the computer out the window which would feel good but achieve nothing, that I can try?

thunderstorm, Oct 8, 3:22am
IS teh wall socket switched on?

gibler, Oct 8, 3:23am
Just go for the window ... or maybe....

karenz, Oct 8, 3:29am
The window is looking more tempting by the minute, yep the socket is on.Will try the epson site again, but it just seems to want to sell you stuff.

richms, Oct 8, 3:35am
Go to the retailer and tell them it has failed and its not a reasonable lifespan for the product. It is up to the retailer to resolve it as they are the ones with the burden of the consumer guarantees act.

Read this thread here on geekzone -

karenz, Oct 8, 3:56am
Worth a try I guess, I have hardly ever used the thing and it has definitely not been mishandled in any way, it is just dead.

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