Acer aspire 3610 couple of issues

gunhand, Oct 8, 8:52pm
Hi all, I have a acer as described above. it has been very good but two annoyng things have happened.The outter cover has cracked down by the hinge andI can no longer open or close all the way anymore or it wil break the inner screen surruond. Went back to see about it under warranty but was laughed at. And this laptop hasnt been abused, im the only user.
also the power plug socket has become loose. I replaced main power cord and it sort of fixed the issue but evertime I move it drops to battery then back again so im now thinking its the inner connection.
These things worth fixing or just go buy a new one?

0800xford, Oct 8, 8:56pm
are these issues common to this make/model? if so you could be covered.

flewy, Oct 8, 8:57pm
couple issues, couple of threads LOL

gunhand, Oct 8, 9:00pm
Well according to shop they had only seen one other with the crack and its not a warenty isssue. i would have thought it was myself. as for power plug not sure. hopeing to hear on this if they are a common fault.I notice acer has moved away from that type of hinge though.

gunhand, Oct 8, 9:01pm
sorry flewy, hit button twice, least you can now delete the txt.

0800xford, Oct 8, 9:04pm
don't take this [unknown] shop's word for it, google it.

gunhand, Oct 8, 9:09pm
smiths city/Powerstore.dealt with them and same manager for over 20years and never had any issues with them before. So I took is word for it.
will google it.

swivel, Oct 8, 9:11pm
Well. It will fall under Wear and tear. As Do you open the laptop from the middle, or from the side ??. Middle is correct so as not to put stress on the hinge's. If you open from the side, then your twisting the lid, and that can cause stress/uneven wear. IMHO

gunhand, Oct 8, 9:15pm
Generally from middle as thats where the release is.

tmepec, Oct 9, 1:40am
The loose socket sounds like broken solder to the mainboard.
Most boards use a hard solder on those sockets these days, suggesting the plug has been leaned on (pushed back against a wall for example)
The Laptop will require complete dismantling to repair = $$ sorry.

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