Advise about a Epsom stylus 680 printer

alphaomega, Oct 8, 10:27am
Hi All
I have this Epsom printer which I bought from new about 2002
It has done very little work during its life because of the cost of replacement cartridges for it
I am wondering if I get new ink cartridges for it, will it work okay or will something else have to de done to get it to function okay
Can somebody please advise
Thanks Desmond

brentry, Oct 8, 10:37am
If it is not working well now with the existing cartridges, then you may be wasting money. look at the price of genuine cartridges and what it would cost to get a replacement. Bear in mind the cartridges that come included in a new printer are usually limited and you will still need to buy additional cartridges ( check with the seller) I used to support a few of the 480 models and they were prone to dry out if not used regularly.

blenheim-trader, Oct 8, 10:41am
you could try these after market ones at least there cheap

alphaomega, Oct 8, 11:03am
Hi I am wondering if I will have trouble with the print heads if they have dried out
I am thinking if its not going to be much trouble to get it working okay to put a continuous inking system on it

brentry, Oct 8, 11:12am
If they have dried out, you will likely have trouble,but perhaps it is worth the $20 for cheap cartidges mention above to see if it works
i have seen problems with using non-genuine cartidges on printers , with printheads wearing/clogging.

blenheim-trader, Oct 8, 11:13am
most likely , i would just buy another printer i have a Epson cx1500 multifunction and it eats ink hate it..

brentry, Oct 8, 12:09pm
I used epsons and now have a canon MP750 for the last 5 years, runs faultlessly, but eats ink like all inkjets. Worst I have seen is the Brother MFC-260. One customer only used it for b/w faxing and it kept using the colour inks for its (very frequent) cleaning cycle.....

tmepec, Oct 9, 2:59am
If you havent used it for months then likely the heads have dried up = cheaper/easier to go buy a new printer.
They can be dismantled and cleaned, but you've gota have the tools/time/skills and you 'will' get your hands dirty.

richms, Oct 10, 3:36am
Force the head along and put some window cleaner on the resting pad, push the head back. There is a clip that you have to push on the epsons, or else pull the power when its doing its turn on dance when the head is free. Do a clean after letting it sit a while on the glass cleaner and it should free up. Worst case you bugger the head and throw it out like you were going to anyway.

Try some cheap inks off here if its low/out since they only really vary on the gamut you will get because of the different dyes and viscositys between them

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