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hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:04am
We bought a Dicks Smiths Wireless ADSL 4 port ADSL MOdel.

NOw since we have installed it, our broadband usage has skyrocketed.
We are on a 20G allowance and we have used nearly that in the last few days.

Seems that the high usage coincides with the new Modem?

YES we have it encrypted. It was using the same passwords encyption as the OLD router we had. So if it HAS been hacked, then surely the old one would hav been hacked as well??

or instance when I check our usage we had a 2.2 G UPLOAD over night?There is no way we would be UPLOADING 2.2G of Data???

I have since changed the security AND been in touch with Telecom. They and I ,have looked at our usage over the last year and for the alst 12 months our average monthly usage was 12G per month.
So they agree is seems odd that we have used nearly 15g in 6 days?

So anyone else experiencing huge data discrepencaies with one of these DIck Smith Modems?? Is it the modem at fault somwhere??


mr_mista, Oct 9, 2:06am
Your neighbour is downloading video

drcspy, Oct 9, 2:07am
so change the encrypted password to somethin else ?

mr_mista, Oct 9, 2:09am
change your plan to 80Gb, that should cover it

vtecintegra, Oct 9, 2:09am
It could just be coincidence - maybe one of your PCs has been compromised and is now a node in a botnet.

dunedin_ree, Oct 9, 2:10am
Your kid is torrenting/limrewiring.The obvious solution is to re-check your security and make sure it's set to WPA and has a LONG passphrase which contains capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols, like this:

little_egypt, Oct 9, 2:11am
you hav trogan?

Large UPloads generally suggest a spam or dos trojan rather than possibly hacked wireless network.

It's also possible that the router itself is 'infected' with something like Psyb0t, more info here; http://is.gd/45PqB

The solution to this is to reset the router to factory settings, then change the 'admin' password (this is not the same thing as the 'WPA2' password that secures your wireless connection.)

poohy99, Oct 9, 2:11am
Obviously you've tried turning off all the connected PC's overnight?

hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:19am
Ok firstlyto all replies I HAVE chganged the passwords.

Secondly some downloads were being made when we were all out of the house.

And thirdly not sure why we would want to UPLOAD a 2.2G file.

the upload according to telecom took place between 12 midnight and 9am this morning.

dunedin_ree, Oct 9, 2:20am
This may not be the actual answer in your case but if someone in your house is downloading tv, movies, music and so on using Torrents or Limewire/Frostwire it will then "Seed" after it's downloaded.Which means that it is UPLOADING the content back to the internet.And will do it when you're out.

hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:21am
Before we wnt LIVE with the modem I set up all the passwords etc.


( as has been suggested) the neighbour is downloading movies??? why has he waited unti lthis week?? the passowrds for the OLD router are the same as the NEW router. So if our neighbour WAS downloading movies why wait until now?? As I said all the problems seem to be AFTER we installed the new router

vtecintegra, Oct 9, 2:21am
You are not answering the question: were your computers on or off at the time?Whether you were in the house is irrelevant.

drcspy, Oct 9, 2:21am
does anyone in the house run p2p programs such as limewire etc, have you run a virus/malware check ?

drcspy, Oct 9, 2:22am
do you have a 'third party firewall' which notifies you of what programs are trying to access the net ?........was the computer turned OFF at the time of the uploading/downloadin ?

hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:24am
YES computers were off last night when the UOPLOAD took place

No-one has any P2P software running.

I have talked to my kids about the "dangers" of things like LIMEWIRE and they have so far not installed any such programs.

I know as I checked thier computers early on today and there are definitely no such programs.

hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:25am
YES I am running a firewall . I am running ZONEALARM professional

hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:26am
One question I DO have is if I enable the option to ONLY connect computers from a MAC address list. will that stop any potential unwanted users??

dunedin_ree, Oct 9, 2:27am
Not by itself, no.

vtecintegra, Oct 9, 2:28am
Are you completely sure that they were all switched Off (i.e. not in Sleep or Hibernate mode) at the time?Pull the power plugs tonight to be sure.

drcspy, Oct 9, 2:29am
if your computers were OFF when the upload occurred then it's NOT your computers that are at fault......i'd DEFINITELY suggest you run a virus and malware check without delay.......The ONLY way you could be uploading when the comps are off is if someone else is using your adsl connection thru the wireless .The only way that could happen is if one of the kids or similar has passed on the security key, (by the way what type of security are you running ? WEP, WPA, etc ? - this IS important so answer it please), or the other way would be if someone has planted a keylogger or similar onto the system so they knew your new password also......

hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:33am
I physically turned the computers off myslef last nigth when I went to bed
That is I powered them down using the POWER on OFF button.

I was using WEP encryption and have bene using that for the last 2 years with no problem at all. As I said it is inly since we attatched the new router to the network that these problems occured.

I am now using WPA_PSK authentication type with TKIP encryption

hapukanz, Oct 9, 2:34am
Oh and drcspy.. the kids do not know the encryption key.

drcspy, Oct 9, 2:40am
WEP is EASILY crackable and if you simply changed the encryption to WPA (that's good) but retained the SAME pass key that's NOT good.......if someone has already cracked it then the encryption will be pointless with the same passkey.A powered down comp is quite capable of being autobooted by 'wake on lan' or similar unless it's OFF at the WALL switch...........was it ?......change the key ! NOW.

david13, Oct 9, 2:45am
Some of the wireless routers have the ability to have the secure network aswell as a guest network i am not that familiar with the DSE brand but it is something to check into. If all your pc's were turned off it will be another user check the connections list on router. To be completely sure download http://www.vistumbler.net/ and check what it reports is available to connect to!

hapukanz, Oct 9, 3:01am
Hereis what I have done so far

1) disconnected router from internet
2) Re-set to factory default using the re-set button on the back
3) Set up NEW interface password
4) Re set WPA_PSK authentication to new passkey

Anything else anyone can think of??
Thanks guys for all the advice and help


It does seem odd that for 2 years I have had NO problems at all and then as soon as I fit a new router I get problems??

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