Links in email problem using thunderbird

quickenden1, Oct 10, 7:09am
I am having trouble with my emails - when I click on a link in an email, just the normal ones from Trademe nothing dodgy it is not working - not going anywhere nothing as if I have not clicked - has worked in the past - have done a re-start not fixed?? Any suggestions ?? Thanks

monid, Oct 10, 7:11am
What email programme are you using?

monid, Oct 10, 7:12am
doh just re read the title sorry

0800xford, Oct 10, 7:12am
your text body displays as simple html or original html?

0800xford, Oct 10, 7:15am
which browser do you use?

quickenden1, Oct 10, 7:15am
Ok now I just look silly as now its working! Darn gremlins!! thanks anyway

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