phillbit, Oct 12, 1:16am
wat is it with there cd keys not working with the visa OEM Discs. My desktop and clients latop are home premium reloaded them both but the cd will not work at all.

drcspy, Oct 12, 1:23am
i'm not sure but they'll probably have been vlk keys and if you used a retail cd then it wont like that......

phillbit, Oct 12, 1:31am
windows vista home premium OEMAct Acer Incorp

drcspy, Oct 12, 1:35am
0800862237 acer freeph

pcfix4u, Oct 12, 2:50am
Hi Phillbit... check out this link, it may help you ID the right version to use. I guess they have no restore partitions??.

lostdude, Oct 12, 2:56am
yup, trying to use an OEM key with a retail disk won't work. There are some torrents available with multiple versions on the 1 disk.

So your "clients" laptop doesn't have a restore partition right?

vtecintegra, Oct 12, 3:00am
lol, you sound like a real power user yourself - "Can you build websites or create .bat files? We do things you don't even know about. What a fwit!"

Most of the early Vista problems were caused by hardware incompatibilities and poorly written legacy software (of the sort that tries to write user data into Program Files and other such nonsense).Microsoft does deserve a lot of the blame for pushing out Vista before OEMs were ready for it, and setting the 'Vista capable' bar too low granted, but Vista wasn't nearly the disaster it was made out to be.

lostdude, Oct 12, 3:13am
LOL, her comment didn't phase me one bit. I prefer those kinds of attitudes. Her kind are my biggest clients. LOL

phillbit, Oct 12, 5:12am
oem key and oem disc try both 64bit and 32bitstuff u microsuck lucky i did not pay anything for ur windows 7

0800xford, Oct 12, 5:19am
what you say?!

supertech1, Oct 12, 5:33am
"Not the threeamigas"

thunderstorm, Oct 12, 5:46am
bat files are so 1990's, win script rules.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 12, 5:48am
If its on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop it is an OEM key, not never EVER a VLK.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 12, 5:50am
DING DING DING we have a winner. PS its their cd keys as in ownership not there.

dunedin_ree, Oct 12, 5:50am
And this matters because?

Seriously, allow me to pour a big cup of "I don't give a shyte".

swivel, Oct 12, 5:57am
Should have worked if both OEM, And No-ones paid for there Windows 7 (all been Free sofar) as it's not out till the 23rd.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 12, 6:00am
Well you pay for technet, does that count?

swivel, Oct 12, 6:01am
Naa That doesn't, But it helps to get somethings faster.

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