HP - Do you think this is a good printer?

datoofairy, Oct 12, 8:13pm
Hi all, if would appreciate feedback from anyone who has this HP printer as I am thinking of buying it.


I particularly like that its wireless and you only need to replace each colour as needed.Previously I had a Lexmark which was a real lemon and very expensive ink.

Thanks :o)

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 12, 8:15pm
Not bad printers, but genuine inks are usually not cheap.

datoofairy, Oct 12, 8:30pm
The ink cartridges are concerning me.I accept they will probably be expensive, most are, however I am more concerned about availability.
I have just looked on 3 NZ ink supply website and none even list this model of printer.

richms, Oct 13, 12:22am
Cheap printer means expensive genuine inks - also it has the false economy of separate inks which I am sure printer manufactureres love, especially since all the priming leads to the ink sponge being used up faster. Very good price on it but I am having trouble finding details on its wireless capabilities - it mentions ethernet which TBH makes more sense if it is able to reach your router or switch or whatever.

richms, Oct 13, 12:29am
Actually on reading more it seems it has no wireless in it so will have to be plugged into your network.

biggal, Oct 13, 4:12am
This is a very good printer especially at that price. I have an earlier model (C7180) which has the 6 ink but also fax and wireless. Good compatible ink cartridges can be had for $12 each

cea, Oct 13, 5:12am
I have had a lenmark hated it.Canon was hard to get it repair even thou under warranty.I am on my second Hp mine are the 4 n one models $400 +.Would highly recommend last one went for 5 years

drcspy, Oct 13, 7:23am
hey DF hows the lappy ?

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