Printer help - before I kill the thing !!!

lindaquinn, Oct 12, 8:16pm
I have a epson stylus t20 - which I use for home office printing. Last night I was printing drafts and it was misprinting (not printing) part of a line. SO I puhed both buttons down - gave the clearish plastic ribbon thing a gentle wipe and tried again. All I get is a flashing red light and it will not print. I have removed the inks to try and get it going. WHat else can I do ???? Thanks getting desperate as have to print this stuff of this morning and the library is looking like an option .

chito, Oct 12, 8:30pm
Dirty heads. If ink gets on the reader ribbon, when you wipe it off, it can wipe off the vertical lines, it uses to position the head.INKJETS ARE A PAIN.

lindaquinn, Oct 12, 9:49pm
Is it fixable or have I killed a 3 month old printer do you think???

gyrogearloose, Oct 12, 10:54pm
Turn it off and go over ever piece of plastic - to me it sounds like a vital piece of plastic , cartridge or tray is not in the correct position.

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