Vodafone email racket

jetgriff, Oct 14, 6:49am
I bought my vodum stick and got an email address with it.

Trouble is everytime someone emails me It also comes as a txt message from txt@vf.co.nz and I get charged for it.

txt stop to 99444 she says... I says I bought a ruddy vodum stick not a b cell phone .... too bad she says

dunedin_ree, Oct 14, 6:52am
Who is "she"?

Just ring up vodafone and get it stopped if texting STOP doesn't work.It was probably in the fine print of the contract you signed, have you read it?

jetgriff, Oct 14, 6:54am
she is the vodafone person I got when I called to complain

little_egypt, Oct 14, 7:50am
put the sim card from the vodem in a phone (borrow someone else's if you have to), send the text, then put it back in the vodem.

vtecintegra, Oct 14, 7:52am
Or just sign up for a different email address.Gmail is fantastic TBH

jetgriff, Oct 14, 9:27am
I put the sim card in my mobile and it asked for a security code.. blowed if I know what it is...

Now I have changed all my address's to it except for the TVNZ daily updates, TVNZ wont let me log in to change it, I put my password and login and it keeps going back to empty. Seems I have to resign that they will get 40c per day off me for the 2 TVNZ news updates per day for the rest of my life

jetgriff, Oct 14, 10:12am
now I see, the security code for the phone not the sim card... well done that, lets see what happens now

jetgriff, Oct 15, 12:36am
no that did not work...BUT.. when I went into the voadafonemail.co.nz there was an option to forward already ticked so i just deleted it... easy, if they had given some sort of instruction page on setting it up

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