JavaScript or VB Programming Help Please

jarc, Oct 28, 3:59am
Hi there,

I wondered if there may be somebody out there that has the inclination to help me out...

I am trying to use this software...

to interact with an application on my PC.

It allows users to utilise their phone to control applications on their PC such as WinAMP powerpoint etc.

The ability to control these programmes is based on custom VB or Java Scripts as per the included examples

I need to be able to use the Phone keys to type a numerical number, say 1234 (on to the phone screen) then transfer that number to the 3rd party PC app. then hit another phone key to process that number in the application.

I am currently using the key mapping feature and it works great, but the key map version can not confirm the digits I have pressed. So im kind of working blind, if I could capture the digits locally on the phone first, then It would help with accuracy

Can someone strike up some dialogue with me as to whether this is do-able

Thanks in advance

ma2ts01, Nov 11, 5:09am
your a patient person. :)

abbas_uddin, Mar 25, 5:10pm
My Name is "Abbas Uddin" and I'm a web programmer. Sometimes I use the software you asked. I'm not pro but I can suggest you. You can find me at facebook/

Also here are the HELP topics:

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