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biker_69, Oct 29, 9:53am
So you're not going to show your full workings because you know it'll make you look stupid. I thought so.

wotz_it_2_ya, Oct 29, 9:58am
Biker, there is nothing wrong with your logic. However, with 12.5% GST it was easier to remember to divide by 9 to get the GST amount from an inclusive figure than to muliply by .111111111111. To some people, x3/23 is easier to remember than multiply by .130434. Just depends how you think

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:04am
Or more accurately, don't think.

Explain how it is easier to divide by 9 when the number has no resemblence to the GST content of 12.5%?

You know that after adding 12.5% to 100% the item is now cost 112.5%. So you just divide by that to get the GST exclusive amount and the difference is the GST content!
$123.65-(123.65/1.125)=$13.74 GST.

It works for ANY percentage by using the percentage itself to do the calculation.

cybertao, Oct 29, 10:05am
95223 / 625000 = 0.1523568
720223 / 625000 = 1.1523568

What more do you need worked out?They are the same numbers but as fractions instead of prissy and more error prone decimals.

cybertao, Oct 29, 10:10am
12.5% is 1/8th.When you add 1/8th to something you end up with 9/8ths.Break that into 9 and you have the value of the 12.5% you added.Multiply that by 8 and you have your original price again.

wotz_it_2_ya, Oct 29, 10:15am
OK, I will explain. GST at 12.5% = 1/8.
Seeing as we are using 8 as the denominator, the exclusive amount = 8/8.
Adding 1/8 GST gives 9/8 as the inclusive figure.
The GST amount of this inclusive amount = 1 part of the 9 (the other parts being the exclusive price), so GST = inclusive *1/9.
The *1 part can be eliminated, so just /9

It was the same when GST was 10% -/11 to get GST of inclusive.

15% doesn't work as nicely -3/23 is the fraction

If you want to do 2 calculations to work out the GST, feel free. Just accept that others work it out a different way, but get the same answer.

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:15am
More error prone decimals yet they give the exact same decimals only with several extra steps for your method. Percentages ARE decimals.

You're the convolution king!

radiowaves, Oct 29, 10:15am
LOL @biker.GST calculations have always been done that way at 12.5%.Some people just don't get fractions!

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:16am
No, they haven't "always been done that way". What is dividing by 9 if it's not effectively a fraction?

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:17am
I know how and why it works. But it doesn't work for every percentage. The method I've outlined does.

cybertao, Oct 29, 10:20am
Every percentage can be represented as a fraction.Every percentage IS a fraction, out of 100.

radiowaves, Oct 29, 10:21am
FFS dividing by 9 is a fraction.If you have ever done a GST return (prior to the rate change) that is what the form tells you to do.Give it up already.

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:24am
It says that because it works and people are stupid.

Why don't you give up pushing your imbecilic one-case method and actually learn what it is you're really doing?

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:25am
Which is a decimal. But you claim those to be inaccurate.

What a fool.

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:26am
Got the rest of your workings together yet to show how long and pointlessly convoluted your method is?

cybertao, Oct 29, 10:26am
No wonder he drives the way he does.With his poor math ability to grasp physics coupled with the attitude.

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:27am
I run rings around you in both scenarios.

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:28am
Where's the rest of your workings? Go on, post it in its entirety and look more of a fool.

radiowaves, Oct 29, 10:29am
Lost cause.Doesn't quite comprehend that fractions are inherently more accurate than decimals.

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:35am
When did you last see a percentage expressed as a fraction?

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:35am
C'mon! Where the rest of the workings, cybertoss?

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:36am
Sorry, but fractions are no more accurate when you started with a decimal.

dino7, Oct 29, 10:37am
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biker_69, Oct 29, 10:40am
Blah blah. Save your amateur psychobabble for someone who cares.

biker_69, Oct 29, 10:40am
Cyberclown seems to have run away. Good night!

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