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ross1970, Oct 29, 10:43am
They're not inherently more accurate than decimals at all. The problem is that people will "solve" a fraction first then round the resulting quotient and use that in the rest of the equation instead of looking at a fraction as 2 separate operators in an equation.

dino7, Oct 29, 10:44am
me? it just irritates me that two pathetic characters can argue about something so trivial that is pathetic........... so the word of the day is PATHETIC

johnf_456, Oct 29, 10:49am
I agree, facepalms.

Does life exist elsewhere...

cybertao, Oct 29, 10:52am
Christ, even biker did better than you two.

That's pathetic!

eurika, Oct 29, 7:20pm
There is no such thing as a stupid question. After all, this is a forum for asking such things. Every question is a simple question if you know the answer so no need to be a smart ar*e just because you think its stupid. I can also bet that the person who asked the question know lots of thing you righteous #%$ dont. Just answer the question or are you feeding off someone elses answer to make yourselves sound clever when you didnt know it yourself. Racheal77, sorry there are so many as#$holes out there.

cybertao, Oct 29, 7:23pm
My answer is at post #16.Where's yours?Or are you just being a self-righteous #%$?

prickles1, Oct 29, 9:23pm
2)10015% =A2*(1-B2) 85100 les 15%
=A2*(1+B2) 115100add15%
=A2*(1+35%) 135
=A2*15% 1515% of 100

and back in the day(gross X15)/100

And yes IRD will allow you to use true percentage as long as the same calculation is used for GST on Sales / income as is used on Purchase/ Expense

remembering 12.5% of 100 =12.5not 100/9=11.111111111

cybertao, Oct 29, 9:55pm
112.5 / 9 = 12.5
Just like how 115 / 23 * 3 = 15

biker_69, Oct 29, 11:30pm
How is it trivial? Mathematics is very important and useful unless you wish to only ever be a shelf restocker at The Warehouse.

biker_69, Oct 29, 11:31pm
Still waiting on you to show the rest of those workings, cybertoss. You know, all the extra convoluted steps.

jimminette, Oct 29, 11:46pm
Well that's what I worked out as well.Seems a heck of a lot easier than any of the other formula's out there.

cybertao, Oct 30, 12:01am
You want to learn how to find a fraction that represents a decimal?Google it already.

Otherwise the work done with the fractions is same each time, and I'll go through it using current GST.
GST costs 3/20ths of the original price, 3 / 20 = 0.15 (or 15% - 115/100).
So you break the original price into 20ths, GST is three of those.Original Price / 20 * 3 = GST.In practice it is best to save the divisor for last and use Original Price * 3 / 20 = GST
If you don't care what the GST is but want Original Price + GST, that is 20/20ths (Original Price) + 3/20ths (GST) = 23/20ths.So Original Price / 20 * 23 = Original Price + GST.Better calculated as Original Price * 23 / 20.

If you want to find the GST content or original price, start by treating it as 23/20ths.
GSTinc Price * 20 / 23 = Original Price
GSTinc Price * 3 / 23 = GST

cybertao, Oct 30, 12:07am
It was simpler when GST was 12.5% because 12.5% = 1/8th

Original Price *1 / 8 = GST, is the same as Original Price / 8 = GST

8/8ths (Original Price) + 1/8th (GST) = 9/8ths
Original Price * 9 / 8= Original Price + GST

GSTinc Price * 8 / 9 = Original Price
GSTinc Price * 1 / 9 = GST, or GSTinc Price / 9 = GST

4pc, Oct 30, 12:10am
Cybertao - some people can't "see" fractions, so they prefer to use something like "x 1.15" or "x 0.15/1.15" because they can't "see"that 1.15=23/20=115/100 and 0.15/1.15=3/23 or that 0.15=3/20=15/20.

johnf_456, Oct 30, 12:20am
Crikey this nonsense is still going!

umegaoka, Oct 30, 12:25am

biker_69, Oct 30, 12:47am
No need. I already have full understanding of the process.

You called the method I demonstrated 'convoluted' when in fact it is much faster, simpler and less convoluted and no less accurate.

cybertao, Oct 30, 12:48am
You clearly don't understand.

biker_69, Oct 30, 12:50am
Using the method I outlined it's no more or less difficult regardless of what the GST rate is. Or any other percentage you need to calculate for that matter.

cybertao, Oct 30, 12:51am
Yeah, so why not do it the proper and accurate way?

biker_69, Oct 30, 12:52am
I fully understand - it's intermediate school maths to convert a decimal to a fraction. However, the fact you won't show the convoluted workings to find the fraction equivalent just proves you're wrong about your assertion.

johnf_456, Oct 30, 12:53am
Grabs the popcorn, going to be a long night..

biker_69, Oct 30, 12:54am
It's no less accurate to use decimals - the figure was 15.23568%. Not 95223/625000%.

biker_69, Oct 30, 12:55am
Nah, I'm going fishing shortly. Although I may be back later to further play this hooked moron!

cybertao, Oct 30, 1:00am
Playing with yourself is something you should keep private.

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