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ghostdemon, Oct 30, 12:58am
Anysuggestions to get Ubuntu to connect to my Brother printer I run a drop box to my pc then wirelessly to printer pc runs windows lap top only linux and are located in different parts of house any sugestions

cybertao, Oct 30, 1:00am
What model printer?

ghostdemon, Oct 30, 1:10am

mark.p, Oct 30, 1:20am

ghostdemon, Oct 30, 1:46am
Have been to this page and model does not seem to be supported I may have to stick to the method of printing for now many thanks

mark.p, Oct 30, 1:49am
It's listed there.

jcmp21, Oct 30, 1:52am
Get windows

Win7 FTW

little_egypt, Oct 30, 2:31am
install the brother-lpr-drivers-extra package? Apparently that's all you need. Presuming you can see the printer on the network but just don't have drivers to print to it.

radiowaves, Oct 30, 3:16am
+1 more

sirrab, Oct 30, 3:19am

little_egypt, Oct 30, 4:05am
My first experience with Windows Vista was with a brother MFC printer. I was very impressed for about the first five minutes as Windows automatically detected the printer, told me it had the drivers, installed them, and offered to print a test page.

I was not so impressed when the test page failed to appear. Got on Google and couldn't find anything helpful. Got on freenode #windows and the geeks there cheerfully told be that even though Vista claimed to have drivers for thousands of printers is was flat out LYING for the vast majority and they just didn't work. The CD that came with the printer contained only drivers for Windows XP and I'd already tried it. It would not install under Vista. I'd have to download the drivers from Brother.

Under Ubuntu the package that contains drivers to support almost the entire range of Brother MFC printers is just over 11M (I just checked) so you might expect that a driver for just one printer should be quite small. Except that in the Windows world you often can't GET just the driver for one printer, you have to download the equivalent of the whole CD that normally gets shipped with the printer, and that's a 120M download.

Did I mention this was on dialup?

Which means instead of having to wait half an hour and perhaps have a cup of coffee, I had to leave it downloading overnight and come back the next day.

You can keep Windows.

kgbatussr, Oct 30, 4:09am
Here here.....

mark.p, Oct 30, 4:50am
Here's the link to Vista drivers if anyone is interested

drcspy, Oct 30, 4:56am
vista had a poor driver database when ti was rushed out by's much improved now still not liked much tho............

windoze = fun challenges

mark.p, Oct 30, 5:00am
Linux has its fair share too.

little_egypt, Oct 30, 5:17am
It was. I replaced Vista with Ubuntu on the same computer about two weeks later. Nowhere near as much pissing around and no problem getting the printer going, just had to install the package mentioned earlier.

mark.p, Oct 30, 5:21am
I was refering to the one for the OPs problem.

morrisman1, Oct 30, 6:04am
Get Linux

... oh, wait...

badcam, Oct 30, 9:34am
I'm not sure I understand your setup, but you could try something like this: Follow the instructions in the link Mark.P posted. I've installed the several Brother MFC printers in Ubuntu (Mint) and the instructions are clear and thorough. Brother gives good examples to show you if what you're doing is correct. You need to install both the lpr and Cups drivers, but you just need to follow the cupswrapper driver instructions as that includes how to install the lpr driver:

Make sure you follow the "pre-required procedures" and once the drivers are installed, you should just need to search for the shared printer under "administration/configure-
printers". I presume ubuntu is the same as Mint.

little_egypt, Oct 30, 8:40pm
Also make sure you're following RECENT instructions.

I few times I've spent far more time than I needed to (latest example was just two weeks ago) trying to follow lengthy instructions that were necessary as recently as Ubuntu 9.10, only to find that under Ubuntu 10.04 it's as easy as just adding one package.

geoff_m, Oct 30, 8:55pm
I changed from Ununtu 10 to WIndows 7 recently - it just works in W7 but I could never get the wireless printing or scanning to work in Ubuntu.

I bought Turboprint to get my Canon Pixma 4200 CD printing to work in Ubuntu. It might be an option for you.

mark.p, Oct 30, 9:25pm
How did you find Turboprint geof_m?

geoff_m, Oct 31, 6:39am
it let me print to CDs using glabels, which the Canon drivers wouldn't do. Other than that it was a plug and play for the printer with the default Linux drivers. I wouldn't have bothered with it other than this It certainly did the job

The Canon CDLabelprint program won't work under Wine (or Crossover ) which was a problem for me - it is easier to use.
I was quite impressed with Linux overall for my old PC, but with a few programs that I need and don't work, and having to google cryptic commands to do anything, t isn't ready for the mainstream.

mark.p, Oct 31, 6:42am
Good to hear anothers point veiw. Thanks.

cybertao, Oct 31, 6:46am
Someone gave me a Canon that could print CDs.There is native linux software to do it, but that was a couple of years ago and sadly don't remember many details and gave the printer away. :\

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