Which printer to buy?

ladeda, Oct 30, 5:21am
There's so many cheap printers out there, so which one? Occasional A4 printouts, scan, copy with cheap ink cartridges...

My old hp psc 1210 was a goody but it's printing grey (not black) despite a new cartridge and now the colour one has run out so it seems cheaper to buy a new printer.

odin5, Oct 30, 5:31am
Go grab a Canon Pixma around $60 to $110 depending on the model. I got the Mp490 but there is a cheaper model

ladeda, Oct 30, 6:35am
That's cheap!!! How expensive are the cartridges??

ladeda, Oct 30, 6:37am
Answered my own question - $33 and $42 from Dick Smith.

odin5, Oct 30, 6:43am
I haven't had to replace mine yet they seem to last quite a while.But depending on where you shop, between $25 and $35 for black and around $35 for the 3 color cartridge.Though you can get them refilled cheaper at cartridge world.

drcspy, Oct 30, 6:47am
NEVER buy new carts refill your own it's ridiculously cheap if you do it yourself........buy bulk ink from CISS ..............cheap.........ea-

ladeda, Oct 30, 6:49am
DSE out of stock of the printers. Was $58.

odin5, Oct 30, 6:54am
I'm not sure if CISS have the ink tank available for the Pixma printers yet.Last time I checked which was several months back they still did not support them, but that may have changed by now.

odin5, Oct 30, 6:56am
JB-HiFi have then in stock for $64 according to Price spy.

ladeda, Oct 30, 7:32am
I don't think we have that store on the Mainland.

ladeda, Oct 30, 7:59pm
Found Canon MP272 at Warehouse Stationery for $79 so that looks to be the one. I need the printer today to print out some song sheets..

Thanks for your help.

drcspy, Oct 30, 8:08pm
dunno but the ink i'm using in my brother printer was given to me by someone who'd originally bought it for their epson printer ciss unit and given up trying to get the bloody system working.........it works fine in my printer......

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