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charles.j, Oct 30, 6:27am
We've had an Hp for years with no problems. But it's come to the stage for a new one. We'd like one that can connect straight to our network rather than being dependant on a computer in order to be shared.

I've only really come across about two of these at pbtech.

Has anyone got a printer with these options? Do they work well?

Tia :)

ladeda, Oct 30, 6:32am
I've just started a nearly identical thread!!!

charles.j, Oct 30, 6:36am
haha, so you have!

Unfortunatly I need one with networking capability. The problem is i'm not sure if any are reliable with the newish feature :s

odin5, Oct 30, 6:48am
This is a rather broad range of Network printers on Pricespy from the 3 more reliable brands.It is very broad, but I'm sure you can whittle it down easily enough.

charles.j, Oct 30, 6:50am
Thanks Odin. I sorta thought it'd come to this. I was just hoping someone had struck gold and found one that was brilliant

odin5, Oct 30, 6:52am
I added onevia edit you may want to check out

morrisman1, Oct 30, 6:54am
how much printing do you intend to do? If its a considerable amount (ie like 100 pages a month sort of volume) then it might be worth spending the extra up front and get a laser, whether it be colour or B&W. A laser is much cheaper to run and if you are printing a fair amount then lots of money will be spent on ink if you choose the inkjet route

odin5, Oct 30, 6:56am
I agree

charles.j, Oct 30, 7:01am
Not too much printing. But it'd be nice to have the quality.

I just need the wireless/cable so It can be moved around the house if need be. Mum is losing her ability to walk you see...

odin5, Oct 30, 7:09am
Then that Canon Pixma MX350 will do the job as it does have both wired and wireless netwoking and at $157 from JB-Hifi it seems a good price.I paid over 400 for my old HP one

charles.j, Oct 30, 7:15am
Thanks odin. I'll have a look at that. By the sounds of it, it's what i'm after

poco131, Oct 30, 7:50am
i have the wired version of this one

$149 from jb hifi is an excellent price.

i really like it, no problems, good quality and it has a fax as well...i don't use the fax very often but it's nice to have on occasion.

rgtrading, Oct 30, 7:58am
Can I uncontribute?

I unrecommend any Brother Inkjets. Yes, they are cheap, but the heads often clog and are impossible to get to, let alone clean. The inbuild head cleaning function is completely useless. Also, the build quality is suspect - trying to get the scanner top down is a nightmare at times and it feels like it will break.

charles.j, Oct 30, 8:00am
Thanks for the heads up. I think i'm going to go for the HP as I haven't had a problem with them yet.

Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated

odin5, Oct 30, 9:38am
Damn didn't notice that HP one, that is a good price.About the only issue I have with HP products was the cost of the ink was usually very excessive.

nana3, Oct 30, 10:02am
My hp psc 1200 series has served us well for years till one of the g/kids damaged the plug.Deskjet F2410 - 3 n 1 Print scan n copy on special at Warehouse Stationary $39 this weekend was a good find, black n colour ink included.

poco131, Oct 30, 10:24am
yeah the original inks are kind of price i've found for originals for this printer is at

i probably print around 100 - 150 pages per month; the last time i replaced my inks was on dec 24 last year. i get the xl black which seems pricey, but for the amount i've used it works out to be pretty cheap imo.

richms, Oct 30, 11:23am
Also brother inkjets have the worst print quality I have seen in a very very long time. I think I had a 15 year old cheap-o canon that was better.

deus701, Oct 30, 12:56pm
i find hp uses less ink than canon

odin5, Oct 30, 9:35pm
Thats true, but they generally cost twice as much, so I guess it all kind of works out the same.However HP also have individual colors instead of a combined 3 in 1 so that in itself is a better option.

richms, Oct 31, 8:41am
separate inks is a con, because the printer cannot only prime one head, so you are losing ink from all carts when you swap just one.

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