Server problem - help me/help my boss

twocats21, Oct 30, 10:33pm
If my boss gets this sorted it means I can still get work!Apparently just changed service providers and emails run through a server.Email is not working.Anyone any ideas at all?If I can help my boss I can still get work.Cheers all.

drcspy, Oct 30, 10:34pm
more detail required

'email is not working' is insufficient info

what EXACTLY happens when you try to send/receive emails
what program are you using
do you get any error messages ?

twocats21, Oct 30, 10:38pm
Okay so i'm just contracted to this person.When I try to send emails they just don't go so no-one can send emails to the email address through the server and i'm assuming they cannot be sent out through the server either.From my end the error message was the server couldn't be found (if I remember correctly).Just trying to get hold of other end to see what programme is being run and what error messages are happening at other end.

little_egypt, Oct 30, 10:41pm
You need to change the SMTP server settings to match your new ISP.

drcspy, Oct 30, 10:42pm
please post EXACT error messages - your interpretation or innacurate memory of them is NOT helping

twocats21, Oct 30, 10:45pm
Sorry will try and update as soon as I can.

charles.j, Oct 30, 10:47pm
What isp were you with/where have you gone?
what type of server? win2k? Linux?

every single bit of information is relevant

twocats21, Oct 30, 10:52pm
Just waiting to get hold of boss.Will detail as soon as I can get info.Thanks so much all - so really appreciated.

dougstringer, Oct 30, 11:16pm
You had better get a tech in.

twocats21, Oct 30, 11:45pm
Hi thanks all.Right.Finally got hold of boss.Looks like info is getting stuck at the service provider end.Emails are not coming in.Moved from Kiwiwebhost on Friday to Domainz.Thinks server is a Primer?Boss has checked SMTP and that is updated.Thanks again.

drcspy, Oct 30, 11:48pm
still useless info without error messages

r.g.nixon, Oct 30, 11:56pm
Some sort of web hosting issue. Your host needs to update domain records or something.

jcmp21, Oct 31, 12:15am
Try and give some info on the setup of the whole thing. It would be a bit hard for people to give some tips if all they know is that the emails don't send.

kgbatussr, Oct 31, 12:38am
Thinks server is a primer, tell your boss to get some facts, not thoughts....

makgeeknz, Nov 6, 7:02am
This really is a job for an on site tech with access to the Domainz account + DNS records + mail server.

beanie, Nov 6, 7:12am
getting more and more cranky in your old age it seems spy

kiwifidget, Nov 6, 8:07am
the mx records for your email domain need to be moved to your new ISP.

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