How Do I Restore My Computer To Original Factory

pawlovers, May 21, 1:22am
How Do I Restore My Computer To Original Factory State... It is Vista Home Premium and A HP dv2000 notebook

peepme, May 21, 1:25am
Re... you can restore the bios i know that much.Is that what you want to know ?
I like your nick.I sometimes use huskyfur but not here

pawlovers, May 21, 1:29am
Um, Im not sure lol I want everything gone and for windows to be running likw when i bought it =)

peepme, May 21, 1:30am
Ah... sounds like you need to format the hard drive and install windows (xp?)again.Have you got an xp cd with the pc ?

pawlovers, May 21, 1:33am
Um, i guess i need to format it... It is vista No CD came with it... Damn haha... It has a problem with some virus and when you start the computer the desktop screen doesnt come up... It opens up My Documents On a blank screen. I will post a pic soon showing

peepme, May 21, 1:34am
A suggestion that you put xp on it,get rid of vista.Maybe that is where the problem is

pawlovers, May 21, 1:38am
Na, it is a virus... had it before. But i cant find how to restore it again... this is a screenshot of what comes up when i start it (Actual)

soodanim, May 21, 1:40am
Hmmm you most likely have a recovery partition....Try pressing F8 when the computer starts up...or look in the program files (start, all programs) Peepme, suggesting removing Vista and installing XP isn't always a good idea, they may find there are no drivers available. What antivirus are you using #1?

peepme, May 21, 1:41am
Re... I thought vista had its own anti virus software with it

soodanim, May 21, 1:41am
Obviously (or not) you will lose anything you've put on the computer so make sure before you do it you backup data you want to keep (Favourites, Emails, Photos etc)

pawlovers, May 21, 1:41am
Just installed antivir... i will try the restart thing. dont want to remove vista though, I cannot access start menu as only what i showed u in the screenshot comes up at start.... No start, no tool bar, nothing =(

soodanim, May 21, 1:42am
Aahhh no... You still have to install antivirus software.

peepme, May 21, 1:42am
Soodanim ah i was hoping one of the experts would come along,leave it to you then

soodanim, May 21, 1:44am
OK... tried safe mode? also F8...and/or read the screen as it's booting.....looking for options to recover. Tho I did think HP/Compaq requested you to create Recovery Discs when first used....

soodanim, May 21, 1:54am
Accessing the start menu what happens if you press the windows key? (usually bottom left)

mcceltic, May 21, 2:40am
Go buy a small piece of hardware and get a copy of Vista Home Premium OEM for under $200 ;)

soodanim, May 21, 2:42am
Lol why would you want to?....They have a license they could contact Microsoft if they wanted and probably get one for $50! Not to mention the manufacturers of the laptop, would probably supply the recovery discs for a price...or FREE like NEC did for me when my copy wouldn't read (and I had deleted the partition..haha silly me)

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