le-spike, Nov 1, 3:46am
How do you find out if the computer is capable to use this modem.Thanks

swivel, Nov 1, 4:00am
By plugging it into the network port (or USB)

rgtrading, Nov 1, 4:10am
Your computer will be capable of it unless it is an antique. Ethernet connections are much faster than ADSL2+

johnf_456, Nov 1, 5:40am
Or you trying to use one of the new apple netbooks which have no rj45 (ethernet / lan). Steve does not like you using lan, unless you use wifi. Or perhaps a slow pc that will be very slow from a full adsl2+ connection of 24mbps plus ish.Or even a stuffed onboard lan.

Good old sarcasm..

But yea most pc's can use it if worse comes to worse a usb lan adapter or a pci card etc ....

flockton55, Nov 1, 11:21am
Before our street was cabinetised (is that a word?) my download speed was around 200kb/s on a good day with a tail wind.
I just downloaded a 700MB file in about half an hour. Speed went straight up to about 700kb/s. I think that's an indication of ADSL2+. I've never had speed like that on a standard ADSL connection, only on a 100Mb/s cable link.

guest, May 4, 6:20pm
The SBG6580 can actually be a niece all-in-one devcie if you have the patience and know-how to get it configured right.First off, there is a feature called IP Flood Detection' that needs to be disabled. (It is located under the Firewall page) By default, it is turned ON. When ON, this feature eventually causes everything to slow to a crawl. Turn it OFF (uncheck box) and you will never go slow again. This is certainly a failing on Motorola's part to default a poor-functioning feature ON in the first place.I would agree that Motorola's interface is clunky in general. It is pretty powerful too and advanced users will be able to do most of what they want with it.My carrier is Comcast and I enjoy real-word DL speeds of up to 4MBps (32mbps). Admittedly, with many of my apps, I'm actually around 3MBps, which is plenty fast for me. I have (2) hardwired PCs, (1) hardwired printer, (1) wireless laptop, (1) wireless printer, and (3) other hardwired devcies on my network.I do experience a random reset' of the modem on occasion. I have yet to track down what is causing it. I can't blame the hardware (yet) but it occurs with such irregularity (sometimes not for 5 days or more)It isn't a perfect modem/gateway, but it is capable, if a touch user unfriendly.

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