Vodafone Network Down?

kate777, Nov 2, 3:40am
I've had no service for 3 hours now, and have been in areas I usually have really good service, including at home. Is anyone else having network connection problems?

Aside from calling Vodafone ( No service to call on!) is there anything else I could try?

Bills up to date... ;)

jcmp21, Nov 2, 3:46am
good for me.

kate777, Nov 2, 3:47am
Just tried the old stand by: turn off then on again and it worked. Ugh. Sorry.

little_egypt, Nov 2, 6:16am
Haha.. yeah. It's not the XT network ;)

pandai, Nov 2, 6:19am
Might be a handset issue

kate777, Nov 2, 7:45am
Mate, it had better not be, it's only a couple of weeks old!!!

profink, Nov 2, 8:08am
Checked your SIM card?

suicidemonkey, Nov 2, 9:21am
People are still talking about that?

little_egypt, Nov 2, 9:28am
Well, there's fail, and there's epic fail.. and then there's the XT network launch and first few months. People are still talking about Microsoft Bob too...

richms, Nov 2, 2:40pm
my craptastic nokia 2730 did that a couple of days ago, well one of them did, the other was still showing signal. Network search found all 3, connecting to VF just took ages and failed, powercycle solved it.

They have been having massive problems with some customers having data stalling and then no calls or texts till you turned it to flight mode and back. threads on geekzone about it.

little_egypt, Nov 2, 6:41pm
My very old nokia was doing that for half an hour every time I charged it up, and eventually just stopped showing any signal at all. I need a new phone. I should probably switch to 2° while I'm at it.

patsprat, Nov 3, 2:06am
Anyone still got an ihug address with Vodafone?
We have and have had big problems receiving emails from rellies in the Europe & the UK - actually they just don't arrive. Other family members get them but not us, sender thinks it's our address and the 'ihug' bit sends them off to spam-land.Finally got an email this morning from Hong Kong as they're on their way home.Haven't had any probs with usual mail from them in Australia, where they live.Anyone had similar problems?

little_egypt, Nov 3, 2:12am
The easy answer; use your internet provider for Internet and NOTHING ELSE. Skip their webmail, use gmail instead. Skip the free hosting that they offer, put your stuff up on google sites or blogger or wordpress .. because 1) generally the ISP provided stuff sucks compared to other free offerings and 2) you won't be tied to any one provider just because everyone knows your @isuck.co.nz email address or the website URL and it's be too much hassle to change.

richms, Nov 3, 7:20pm
call them and get the spam and virus filters turned off, but its still laggy and delayed.

Go to google.com/apps - pay US$10 for a .com domain and never use the ISP address again. (click business and then standard in the apps edition)

r-mvz, Nov 8, 10:53pm
Ten days after a storm of user complaints erupted on Geekzone about its mobile network, Vodafone has finally admitted a plague of problems.

Problems on its 3G mobile network have at times stopped phone users from being able to send email or connect to a website, or even make a call or send a text.

And because no service alert was issued, many customers were unaware the fix was often as easy as re-starting their phone.

This morning a service message has finally been posted to the carrier's website. It reads:

Vodafone acknowledges the current network issues that some customers are experiencing on their 3G mobiles, and we are working around the clock towards a resolution.

The issue has been traced to the 3G cell site network, and the way it communicates with 3G mobiles during and after active data sessions. The effects are intermittent but customers may experience one or all of the following symptoms:

??? Missed calls and delayed texts while in coverage
??? Unable to make calls until the phone is powered off and on
??? Unable to set up 3G data [that is, email and web] sessions

If you experience any of the above issues, please turn your phone OFF and then back ON to resume service.

At present, there is no estimated time for the problems to be resolved.

One industry insider told NBR that the so-called data-stalling issue behind Vodafone's problems is also causing a delay in the roll-out of its new, faster HSPA+ network (Telecom has already turbocharged XT with HSPA+).

But Vodafone spokesman Matt East today told NBR that the industry rumour was incorrect. It did take four days from NBR's initial inquiry for the telco to reach that conclusion.

snaxnz, Nov 8, 11:09pm
yip..had lots of trouble sending emails for a few days, and webmail just cutting out constantly after a few minutes, just been on news that its been affecting clear since 5pm yesterday, but I recon its vodafone as well.. seems it might be with several providers, but they havnt recognised it yet.. its a real pain..

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