Acer - have seen lots neg opinions - why?

tabitha, Sep 30, 7:22pm
would like to know reasons. My 2nd Toshiba laptop is poked after less than 3 yrs. I thought they were pretty good, but not now.

r.g.nixon, Sep 30, 7:28pm
apparently Acer uses ECS motherboards and these have a 30% failure rate - so another tech said here a few months ago.

gibler, Sep 30, 7:47pm
their support and website is a joke... .. the bizarre serial numbers their items to use so you can access tech support/warranty are confusing. There also don't seem to be the forums you get with the likes of Dell or Toshiba to find info.

vtecintegra, Sep 30, 11:47pm
... Its mainly after sale support (which is by all accounts terrible).There were some bad models (as with any manufacturer).

evlevo, Oct 1, 12:15am
Acer are shocking Our Acer Aspire One at work died and it took Acer a whole month to pick it up, send it to Sydney for repair and ship it back to us. 1 month! On the other hand our Dell machines are fixed by a technician on-site the next business day. Would never touch Acer.

rawill, Oct 1, 3:03am
I am hopiing my Acer Inspire One mini laptop will be like my Acer Aspire 5310. It has given me no problems. However, Ihave been told as others said above that Acer are not so good. Not well built inside, and that came from a computer technician who told me Asus was the best one to buy. He had an Asus himself, and had been all around Europe with it.

vtecintegra, Oct 1, 3:59am
... My Aspire One survived three months in SE Asia fine despite being thrown about, sat on and being stuffed into full minivans. Just make sure you get a decently padded case for it, and back up important stuff.

suicidemonkey, Oct 1, 4:40am
..... My last Acer laptop didn't last very long. I've gone with Asus since then with no issues.

khairul23, Oct 1, 6:46am
... mine is 5 years old and still working great, apart from one plastic piece of a button that came off and i couldn't put it back on. otherwise none of it's component have failed. i've been careful with the battery though. anytime i can get a power source, i'll use it and take off the battery. so my battery still holds about 2 hours of use everytime i fully charge it.

osymandias, Oct 1, 7:22am
crappy quality of components, crappy quality of build, crappy design, crappy engineering, crappy support and come loaded full of crapware. All in all it's like a cyber-dunny.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 1, 7:51am
takes ages to get parts for them through nz service channels.

tekno23, Oct 1, 8:57am
Acer NZfrom exstaff memeber I was at the head office and there was only 6 people working there. Its a small branch of the Australian operation. 3 sales staff & 3 repair men for a huge mountain of computer to get fixed. I think the build quality of the Travel mate series was good. They also have at times manufactured Laptops for Dell and Asus at there OEM factory. My feeling was they were getting a bad rep by having such a small investment in staff. no one should wait weeks for a warranty repair.

tekno23, Oct 1, 9:03am
Quanta ODM

This is why the quality of laptops is generally so similar.

texastwo, Oct 1, 9:54am
While I guess most posts are talking about laptops the Aspire desktops servicing is also a problem with some items being sent to Sydney.

deus701, Oct 1, 3:17pm
im usin an acer laptop while my Hp one is still being repaired...been nearly 4 weeks now FFS!!#$@&*@. Anyway if you're after something that last a few years, i wont buy an Acer..or Hp. Some people say Compaq is shit, but I have two compaq presario 2800 laptop and its still going strong after.. 8 years?

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