I can access my facebook page, but I cant post

daz1964, Oct 17, 6:56am
anything on my page nor on others. Been like this for days. Any suggestions? Ive re-booted etc.

0800xford, Oct 17, 7:05am
which browser, which version of which os "etc" you say others, you mean other sites or other pages of facebook?

daz1964, Oct 17, 7:23am
I can open my homepage as usual but the txt seems to be in grey and I cant post anything on my page or anyone elses for some reason. It allows me to go to my facebook email page but wont display my emails nor will it bring up who is online in chat down at the bottom, just the amount of my friends that are online. So bascially its allowing me to view as per usual but not act on it.
I had a mate try it out on his computer and he was able to access and post something on my page as I gave him my log in and password.

daz1964, Oct 17, 7:24am
Any other webpages/sites such as TM are working, just not Facebook.

0800xford, Oct 17, 7:26am
which browser, which version of which os "etc"

ferita, Oct 17, 7:57am
update your browser .. or get a better one like opera

daz1964, Oct 17, 8:26am
fixed! cheers for that.

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