Please help with ms Word ..

newbidder77, Oct 18, 7:39am
I want to Sort all the names of a doccumment.. i cant figure it out. when i click the a-z sort button it does not sort them into the correct order... please help

0800xford, Oct 18, 7:45am
that doesn't quite make sense. do you mean the content of the document or sort some documents?

r.g.nixon, Oct 18, 7:46am
Do it again. It is a toggle. You probably got reverse alphabetical the first time.

newbidder77, Oct 18, 7:51am
want to sort a list of names on a word doccumment .. it doesnt do it when i go to paragraphs and click sort. i have been trying for about 30 minutes. .

newbidder77, Oct 18, 7:52am
when i go to the paragraph part on the home Tab. on word

little_egypt, Oct 18, 7:59am
oh well.

I just typed 'this is a test' (one word per line) in OOo, highlighted all four lines, chose 'tools > sort' then OK (default options) and got 'a is test this' (still one word per line) as a result.

Is that what you're after?

Perhaps you just need to use better software.

newbidder77, Oct 18, 8:25am
I found Out how to do it on a webpage. thanks for you help....

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