Printer/Scanner, any recommendations.

wfl1, Oct 18, 11:00am
Cananybody recommend a good brand,easy to use,reliable. Thankyou,any comments appreciated.

simonfphotos, Oct 18, 11:25am
Epson make pretty good printers, as do HP with there more commercial printers.
Canon as well. Keep away from Lexmark though.

vtecintegra, Oct 18, 8:24pm
I just picked up an HP Photosmart 5380.

It is good with one caveat - it is not supplied with full sized ink tanks so you'll need to buy more within a short time.A full set of proper sized tanks is actually more expensive than the purchase price of the printer.

Also no Windows 7 drivers yet

bowla3, Oct 19, 5:56am
Replaced my old Brother DCP 110C with a DCP 165C. so far, a couple of months, it seems pretty good, Four ink carts available from Everprint (Dr Ink) $50. Easy to use for a silly old buga like me!

lucky3, Oct 19, 6:18am
Rule of thumb:The cheaper the printer, the more expensive the ink is.Also it's always a good idea to buy one with seperate colour ink tanks not one combined.Otherwise, as said Epson, Canon, HP

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