Multifunction printer

justwhatever, Oct 17, 8:23pm
Whats the best multifunction printer. Don't print photos so just use it for scanning occassionly and printing. Currently have a Canon MP 150 but the ink waste thingy is full and I can't fix it or get it to reset so maybe it is time to get a new one. Think individual tanks are best aren't they. Any advise would be great. Thanks

badcam, Oct 17, 8:35pm
If you don't need colour and can afford it, get a perm, oh sorry, get a laser.

kdh1947, Oct 17, 8:38pm
I have a
EPSON CX5900 that I use for the same reason.
Has very cheap ink replacement costs and multi inks.
Very good priced unit and has worked well for me for over a year now.

gyrogearloose, Oct 17, 8:54pm
But would you agree that you have used or abused that MP150 so much that the waste ink collector really is full? Have you tried resetting the counter? I can't say that the procedure on the MP150 is the same service mode method as follows on this link, but give it a try. Skip steps 1 through 5 which illustrate how to change the waste ink pads, and go straight to the Step 6 link at the bottom, labelled "Seite 11":

art4ukiwi, Oct 17, 8:56pm
I have an older HP all in one.... really pleased with it. Inkwise etc... might check the HP site

gyrogearloose, Oct 17, 9:03pm
If this Canon iP3000 dies on me, I'd buy a Canon MP980 multifunction, because as well as the DVD printing feature, it has a 35mm/slide scanner at a reasonably good resolution.

justwhatever, Oct 19, 2:23am
Bumping on up, anyone else? ta

biggal, Oct 19, 2:37am
I've got a photosmart HP and it does everything. C7180. Refuses to wash the car tho'.Probably does more than you need

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