Papamoa ADSL users, comein here.

Hi all. I'm in the Papamoa Arabian Road/Evans Road area and have been getting some very slow broadband speeds. Ranging from a low of 500 KB's up to 6.2 MB's. I have complained, to Telecom, did their speed tests, etc and been told that is normal. Am interested in want others, in this area are getting. Thanks, Ian.

geek_ianalice1, Oct 15, 7:08 am

6.2mb is very respectable but .5mb is NOT I"dbe getting a bit more serious about it with them and asking them how come it varies so much ?

geek_drcspy, Oct 15, 7:48 am

Thanks, Drcspy. I have tried that. I complained direct to Paul Reynolds, Telecoms CEO. He emailed me back and said he would get it investigated. I received a phone call, a few hours later, from one of Xtra's specialists. He tested the line and my broadband speed, which was real slow as was after 6pm. He said they could do nothing as it was congestion. Problem is Papamoa exchange is now a remote link of Tauranga main exchange. It goes into, like a road side unit, where it is cable from there. So there are 2 areas of congestion. Tauranga to old exchange site and from there to us. It requires an massive upgrade that Telecom, to their credit, to upgrade. Still think it's slack and chaning ISP's won't help...

geek_ianalice1, Oct 15, 8:15 am

I'm 500 mtres along the beach rd from you and my speed is fine ,haven't noticed any change at all even at "peak congestion time"

geek_morab, Oct 15, 8:23 am

Thanks, Morab. What road are you on? Papamoa beach??

geek_ianalice1, Oct 15, 9:47 am

barbara grove,runs parralle one back from the beach rd

geek_morab, Oct 15, 10:22 am

Anyone else? Please help?

geek_ianalice1, Oct 15, 1:15 pm

I'll suggest that your slow performance is caused by packet loss, CRC errors, and loss of connectivity. There are several things I can suggest you do: Ring the helpdesk, log a fault, and ask them to change your line connection to a more conservative performance profile (this will be slower, but more stable); ask them whether they could ship you a new ADSL2+ wireless modem pack. If they can't do either of those and you get sick of ringing them, write back to Paul next month and say you have tried your best, but can't get the issue resolved, and that you will be terminating the service in 21 working days if he can't resolve it before then.

geek_gyrogearloose, Oct 15, 1:37 pm

Thanks, gyrogearloose, always good advise. I can do the first part, but as far as terminating, my contract runs out next May. I post back after contacting Telecom. Ian.

geek_ianalice1, Oct 15, 4:11 pm

Any other Papamoa peoples out there?

geek_ianalice1, Oct 15, 7:14 pm

i see that the telecommunication company were just finishing a BIG JOB on the corner of Sunset an Maranui St.just a thought

geek_morab, Oct 16, 7:41 am

Thanks morab. No, to far away and is Mt Manuganui, we Papamoa East

geek_ianalice1, Oct 16, 7:45 am

Anyone else, in Papamoa?????
I'm trying to get some information together to hit Telecom with.

geek_ianalice1, Oct 16, 10:48 am

i had to google papamoa ha ha it looks nice there

geek_0800xford, Oct 16, 10:57 am

Thanks, 0800xford. 1st, sorry about the other day and yes Papamoa is a very nice area. They call it, Sunny Papamoa, and today it is. Mine you, last fewq days were wet.. Ian

geek_ianalice1, Oct 16, 11:59 am

Anyone else, in Papamoa?????
I'm trying to get some information together to hit Telecom with.

geek_ianalice1, Oct 17, 6:06 am

ian,post it in GENERAL...heaps of PAP people in there

geek_morab, Oct 17, 8:30 am

Thanks, Morab, never thought of that. On my way to General, though I must admit I try to keep out of there, but my wife does. Ian

geek_ianalice1, Oct 17, 9:14 am

ian, don't be so thin skinned ya big nana ha ha =p

geek_0800xford, Oct 17, 9:14 am

Thanks Oxford. Not been to well, so I am, thin skinned...

geek_ianalice1, Oct 17, 9:22 am

Anyone else, please,in Papamoa area have problems? Please come in so I can ring and blast Telecom, tomorrow. Thanks, Ian.

geek_ianalice1, Oct 18, 8:35 am

you should catch a few flies in general

geek_0800xford, Oct 18, 8:41 am

Papamoa here and sorry can't be any help as about a month ago my speeds jumped from about 2.3MB to approx 6.7MB so I'm a happy Papamoa chappy lol.

geek_smarteevia, Oct 18, 11:45 am

Why don't you all just go fishing?

geek_deodar, Oct 18, 2:17 pm

Hi ya. What part you live in?

geek_ianalice1, Oct 18, 5:31 pm have a boast =]

geek_0800xford, Oct 18, 5:45 pm

OK. Hersmine, Ping 61 Ms, download 1.05 Mb/s upload 0.69 Mb/s. How??ôs that??¶

geek_ianalice1, Oct 18, 6:40 pm

at the end of the test it gives you some links you can copy and paste, like this:

geek_0800xford, Oct 18, 6:43 pm

or if i choose the correct server:

geek_0800xford, Oct 18, 6:45 pm

geek_ianalice1, Oct 19, 6:02 am

hi Ian,I just had to take take out the adsl inline filter this morning as my broadband was going I'm back up to speed

geek_morab, Oct 19, 7:24 am

that's basically what i get, but faster upload and better ping ha ha i'd be happy with that

geek_0800xford, Oct 19, 8:56 am