Printer keeps printing tiny font! -

catcufflings, Oct 18, 10:21pm
It's really random, sometimes it will print the proper size.. then it will print out tiny fonts, it's a brother DCP-115C so not the newest printer out there.. but any ideas on what i can be doing to get it going back to normal? i print off a macbook if that's any help?

catcufflings, Oct 18, 10:22pm
it prints small especially when i print off a pdf fille.. that's when it mostly does it.

dams6, Oct 18, 10:27pm
is the page coming out small too or just the font?

catcufflings, Oct 18, 10:27pm
the page as well. like instead of the font being spread over the whole page.. it has made it all go onto the left hand corner side of the page? know what i mean?

catcufflings, Oct 18, 10:31pm
and i should have it set at A4 right? it keeps going back to US letter size. but that still didn't make a difference when it printed.. hmmmmmm

dams6, Oct 18, 10:33pm
i do. under the file - print menu in adobe reader / acrobat, what is the zoom percentage set on? it's on the preview pane of the print dialog box.

catcufflings, Oct 18, 11:01pm
It's at 100%

catcufflings, Oct 18, 11:04pm
i could just copy all the text and paste onto a word document, but i have about 42 pages to do that to lol.. so i don't want to have to do that.

catcufflings, Oct 19, 8:47pm
Bump, it's still doing it. driving me nuts!

art4ukiwi, Oct 19, 8:51pm
Not sure if this might help but on occations I have to reset my printer... you can do that by turning it off and then unplugging the power to it for about 10 seconds. They have a tiny computer in them that might have gotten confuse. Might help.

gyrogearloose, Oct 19, 8:51pm
In Adobe Reader, select Print, then click the Properties button next to the name of the printer, click the Page setup tab and in the drop down list select Fit-To-Page printing. It will remember your preference for future use.

catcufflings, Oct 19, 8:55pm
omg im going to kill this thing lol.. nothing is working. i'll try reset it again .

catcufflings, Oct 19, 8:59pm
i blame it on the macbook, because when i do test prints off the actual printer it does them fine.

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