Anyone learnt Adobe Dreamweaver lately ??

Looking at buying it and looking for recent user opinion please...

geek_ponyboy, Oct 19, 7:47 am

best program for webdesign if you want a design front not just code.

geek_baker-assoc, Oct 19, 7:53 am

yup its all good.Many tutorials on youtube which will teach you how to use it.

geek_stardesta, Oct 19, 9:18 am

yep, use it all the time.lots of tutorials around and many you can download source files for so you can have a play

geek_malachiman, Oct 19, 12:57 pm

awesome... cheers, have previously used a "lite" version of another brand, you certainly get what you pay for

geek_ponyboy, Oct 19, 9:23 pm

Great for beginner to medium - advanced learning/building/ maintaining/improvememts of websites.

It's a combo web site suite that has graphical AND coding interfaces, with the abilitie of running a split screen to display AND work in both modes at the same time.

Lots of info on the net about how to use it.

The complete CS2 & CS3 suites have a lot of moduals included

geek_mrfxit, Oct 20, 8:15 am

Be carefull of "purists" comments, they hate anybody using a graphical interface to build/maintain websites, HIGHLY preferring to use coding ONLY.

(much better for highly advanced websites but not the "be all & end all" of web building)

geek_mrfxit, Oct 20, 8:19 am