Windows 7 to salvage Vista trainwreck

biggal, Oct 19, 2:30am

biggal, Oct 19, 6:36am
I'm on xp and I will be leap frogging Vista

intrade, Oct 19, 6:40am
i am on linuxand i wont bewasting my moneyon winblows rubbish..... nor mytime....

biggal, Oct 19, 7:57am
Bully 4 you

laforet, Oct 19, 8:00am
Why are people always bashing Vista? It is not that bad since SP1.

oclaf, Oct 19, 8:01am
my laptop came bundled with vista HP. couldn't stand it. running ubuntu now but will probably switch to 7. after vista's dismal failure MS have to make 7 succeed or they are really going to start hurting

biggal, Oct 19, 8:13am
laforetFollow the link above - its scathing

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