Acer Laptop repair message

gb, Oct 16, 3:36am
Acer Laptop 5520.After turning on message says: 'Start-up Repair. Your Computer was unable to start.'Then it checks itself and another message appears 'Your Computer was unable to be repaired'have to turn it off at wall but after switching on again laptop works fine.This has happened twice, anyone know what is causing this as I have owned several pc's but never seen this particular message before.Thanks.

0800xford, Oct 16, 4:23am
i have no idea, but i would have phoned acer by now.

malachiman, Oct 16, 4:24am
I suspect its because it has a label on it saying Acer

0800xford, Oct 16, 4:29am
yeah well, that's true :o

mrstoby21, Oct 16, 9:16am
My Acer laptop did that to me for the first time the other afternoon. It tried to repair something twice,couldn't, suggested going to a restore point which it did, and then started, no problem since. Strange happenings.

olack, Oct 16, 10:50am
try safe mode, F8 during bootup before Winodws Load and if you get into safe mode the message is worth nothing.

gb, Oct 16, 8:55pm
Mine did it again yesterday, this time went to a restore point and now working ok.14 months old.Will try F8 if it happens again.

rawill, Oct 16, 10:14pm
All of the above. I have an Acer Aspire 5310, and the mini Laptop.

I had the repair issue mentioned above, plus it would not shut down. Had to pull the battery.

I had an extension USB hub connected that was hooked to my vodem stick. When I stopped using the extension hub all the problems including some vodem issues stopped happening.

intrade, Oct 16, 10:24pm
well messages would be generatedfrom winblows. If it was the acerthat is unable to be repaired then it would just not turn on no more. My dad has aacer laptop from dse we paid 500$ new . after 2 month the dvd rom died so wentdo dsesent awaynewdvd rom was fitted worked fine. then after further 3 month it died for good nothing happened when you turned it on sent away again.21 day later new motherboardwas fittedsays in repair. acer are sent to Australia for repair. Your problem is a faultyhard-drive or a faulty winblows. The laptop haswinblowsvista rubbish. and i removedthe hddand put linux on andfor repair just swapped the hddback to the unused rubbish vista....acer aspire 4520 . the acer repair are not badbut there products used to be rubbish in 1999 then got better in quality and now seem to be back to rubbish

rawill, Oct 17, 6:25am
Well, well - how about this!
I just went to do some work on my 1 month old Acer Aspire One.
It will not even boot. The charge light is on and the on light is on but no one is at home.

Back to DSE. I guess now the fun starts.

rawill, Oct 20, 12:06am
Well that was no fun. I went back to DSE and talked to the staff and the manager. I was concerned it might be sent to Australia and then get lost. But there was a known BIOS issue that the DSE people fixed while holding on to the phone to Acer and it was fixed in 5 minutes without taking a screw out of the case.

SO It was all GOOD

osymandias, Oct 20, 3:46am
No it was not all good. They shipped a faulty product, and not some obscure fault that shows up occasionally - it freaking well stops the OS booting. Ahhh... that Acer quality, how much is your time worth? Saved much getting an Acer?

rawill, Oct 21, 4:00am
My time, all depends who is paying! Not much to me, I gave up working as a bad job so I could travel. That is why I wanted the mini.

Some who pay out Acer never give up, even when there is a good report. I guess no one here has ever had a dud purchase of any make other than Acer.

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