Buying new RAM for my Dad's Dell PC

c-l, Oct 20, 7:56am
I can only tell that it is a 3000 series Dimension Desktop PC.Is this enough information to buy more RAM for him?I did buy one lot but i got the wrong type - think I got DDR but needed SDRAM? I am not too sure. Help me please - I am not at my Dads.

0800xford, Oct 20, 7:57am
if you run this it'll tell you all you need to know

c-l, Oct 20, 8:00am
Yeah Idid that when I was at Dads house on his machine and I THOUGHT I got it right but clearly I mustn't have read it right.

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:02am
print the page out, take it in to the shop with you

c-l, Oct 20, 8:02am
I bought BRAND NEW 2GB (2X1GB) PC3200 DDR 400Mhzbut I think on closer look I might need to buy SDRAM PC3200 400Mhz -so is there a big diffference - What IS the difference between SD and DDR?

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:04am

c-l, Oct 20, 8:10am
Can someone tell me if the RAM I bought (Auction 246538889) is the same as what I need to have.... 1GB PC-3200 DDR DIMM for Dell.I think I DID buy the RAM but it didn't work and the PC didn't start up with the new RAm in it - Minute I swapped back to old RAm - went fine.Could I be missing soemthing>

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:19am
are the two modules IDENTICAL?

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:23am
can you get any action with one of the new modules? [only put one in]

c-l, Oct 20, 8:42am
Not sure - I thought I had the wrong kind so I sold them on TM

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:43am
well did they fit or not? sdram just won't fit into a ddr slot. try one stick at a time in each of the slots. so a in a then a in b. then b in a then b in b

c-l, Oct 20, 8:48am
OH Really?I didn't swap them.I did try one at a time ... i think (it was a month ago now)What other thing would prevent the PC not starting?

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:52am
incompatible ram is a very real problem, i have a machine here that just -will not- work with anything i have here bar the two sticks it currently has in it Oo.

c-l, Oct 20, 8:55am
Hmmm - And is there any safeguard when you buy from a company if it doesnt work?Not necessarily off here but from PC dealers etc

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:59am
that the ram works, yes. that it's compatible, no.

kiwigal, Oct 20, 9:08am
IF you are really don't know what you are doing, take the box to a PC shop get the right ram from them & they will fit & make SURE that it runs etc...

Saves so much time & hassle.

Personally,unless you post a photo of the ram the has you are only go wasting your time & get your self stressed,cos DDR & SD ram are two different types of ram & they also do cross link at the same time.

What you need to be looking for is it 168 or 184 or 240 pin ram?Thats the basic under lining question.

Hope that has been some help.

richms, Oct 20, 10:51am
DDR is a type of SDRAM - so you will see it called DDR SDRAM all the time.

drcspy, Oct 20, 3:08pm
there is no such thing as sdram pc3200 400Mhz ......well there is but it's DDR ram.........

ddr and sdram are NOT physically compatible .......ddr has ONE slot in the bottom and sd has cant interchange them.

it's quite possible that you bought the correct ram but the system just dind't 'like' some one else says.......take it to the shop cause they'll install the ram there and start the pc up to check it works.....(you make sure they do that).......

c-l, Oct 20, 5:50pm
I have installed RAM plenty of times before on my iMacs and also at the school I teach at - however, my knowledge of understanding the complexities of RAM is limited. I hate the idea of paying retail for RAM and even worse, getting them to put it in when it is, in theory, a VERY simple procedure... They will probably charge like a wounded bull! sigh...

c-l, Oct 20, 5:52pm
I have always bought my RAM on the internet and on one occassion from a place in the US - HEAPS cheaper too and I guess hearing what all you guys are saying about machines "not liking" it, then I must have just been LUCKY that the PC's I have upgraded have all worked ok - That's why I had little concerns when i bought Dad's RAM

flick13, Oct 20, 6:03pm
I think you will find that machine needs proprietary (or OEM) ram - and not generic ram. This means it is ram made specifically for that machine (or range of machines). I recently had a similar problem with a Dell machine - wouldn't take generic Kingston DDR400 ram, but once I got the Kingston proprietary ddr400 ram it went fine.

michellemc, Oct 21, 12:36am
i would like help on what ram i buy for my computer went to the site that was suggested but my computer brand not there it's pc company pentium 3 2002 at the mo it has 512mb

0800xford, Oct 21, 12:49am
the instructions on the crucial site say to download the file, then run it.

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