Does CCleaner delete word documents?

geek_r.drummond, Oct 20, 8:20 pm
I had a word document , I saved it, then ran the cleaner.... does it delete stuff like that?

geek_r.drummond, Oct 20, 8:22 pm
OK Ignore that question. I just about had a majoy coronary after I couldn't find last nights assignment, have found it now.

geek_0800xford, Oct 20, 8:24 pm
relax man

geek_intrade, Oct 20, 8:34 pm
mateyou always save a copyon a usb pen drive. asbackup for just in caseespecially on winblows.... on other ossimilarcan happenif your hdddies contentwill vanishfast, i knowit happened oneach hddthat died on me... myvolume iconquitstufflike this and then when the hdd is deadit could say io-errorno more processes to run. now if you got abackup on a pen drive or even mobile phone storageyour save from loosingdata that can never be recovered when the hddcraps. PSnever be recovered meansnot unlessyou pay 1000 of $to a laboratorywho would openupthe hddandextractthe data in avacuumdust freechamber...

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