Epson printer wont feed paper

kurtis, Oct 20, 6:03am
when it eventually does there is nothing printed on the paper,i checked and there is ink left.its a epson r350,the printer still works cause it can still print on a dvd,what can i do ive read someone say clean the rollers,are the rollers the 6 black round things inside the printer or the 3 white wheels at the back,i assume its the black things, i do notice the 2 right ones dont turn around when i manually try to turn them with my fingers,maybe this is the prob cause the first 4 black round things all do turn when i physically turn them.what do u clean rollers with,

0800xford, Oct 20, 8:32am
maybe IPA?

onenana, Oct 20, 8:38am
Don't you have a maintenance facility in the Printer properties? You should be able to do a nozzle check and a head clean using that. Did your paper screw up or shred before or when you had the 'paper not feeding' problem, maybe you have some jammed somewhere inside?

ferita, Oct 20, 8:39am
As 0800xford has mentioned, isopropyl alcohol is great. Its also good for cleaing ink jets too.

seriouslycgi, Oct 20, 8:41am
i feed my printer biscuits

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