Access 2007 training (as in Jobs & Careers board)

schlitzohr, Oct 22, 6:32am
I'm looking for someone who is clued up enough to train me in Access 2007. You'd be starting pretty much from scratch. I would expect the "job" might take up to a week. It would involve teaching the basics and perhaps lead into helping create a purpose designed database. Anybody out there capable of doing the job or know someone who would be? Please contact Richard at or or phone either on 292-6141. Thanks.

drcspy, Oct 22, 6:37am
yeh and further to that

putting your email addy on a public message board is DUMB........spam bots will hijakc it for sure and you'll be in for loads of extra crap in your mailbox..........and it's against TM rules to put contact details up here - just imagine what a shitbox the message board could turn into if everyone did that.....

0800xford, Oct 22, 6:38am
scroted, bloated, noted and toted

rich_mild, Oct 22, 8:39am
Well I'm qualified for the job but have never done it before. $50.00 an hour suit you?

eurika, Oct 22, 8:10pm
If you know Excel inside out it will make Access easier to understand. Meaning how formulae work. Anyone virtually can build a flat file Db but then you may as well do what you want in Excel. A relational Db is a different story and a weeks training will only give you the bare bones basics. Also understanding VBA, Macros and Modules goes along way to getting a Db worth it's salt.

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