Wellington - trouble w TelstraClear cable?

annie.nz, Oct 28, 11:01pm
My internet connection has been on and off since last night - is anyone else having the same problem?(Don't want to call them out, apart from anything else they mess you around for days).Telstraclear cable is lovely when it's going, a nightmare when it's not.

david13, Oct 28, 11:03pm
I have got a business customer in Upper Hutt on Cable who was experiencing issues this morning so i would say they have got some gremlins in there system today

blacklisted2, Oct 28, 11:09pm
upper hutt telstra clear here, havent had any problems? coinkydink

woogmo, Oct 28, 11:15pm

annie.nz, Oct 28, 11:19pm
Thanks for all the feedback guys.Given that david13 has heard of some problems, I might wait a while before I start checking out the router and modem.

annie.nz, Oct 28, 11:21pm
Thanks woogmo.*Blush* should have checked it myself, shouldn't I?Though I have to say usually when they are having problems in my area, they don't post notification on their website or on the greeting message when you ring in - the techie usually has to tell you.Thanks for that.

lifesteala, Oct 28, 11:51pm
There was an outage in the early hours of the morning. If your experiencing problems still (as I am not) try rebooting your modem/router by pulling out the power plug for 30 seconds.

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