Vodafone Prepay Mobile Broadband

joe12, Nov 9, 3:52am
Ive just got the Vodafone Prepay Mobile Broadband has anyone got the deal with $99 Mobile Broadband with the $40 free top up, the 40 top up is for 500mb useage?seems like an amazing deal im on the net on the laptop anywhere.I just wondering what people think of it. Ive up loaded the usb stick to my laptop & desk top computer. & its all running excellent but just wondering how other people are finding it? Im going to try it for a month & if its any good will disconect from my Orcon internet broadband.

joe12, Nov 9, 4:01am

joe12, Nov 10, 5:11am
anybody no..no one then, i'll take that as a maybe

hazelnut2, Nov 10, 5:55am
Hey Joe12.I have Voda wiredbroadband at home, and get 1GB for $30 a month so sorry, 500MB for $40 doesnt actually sound that brilliant, except of course for the convenience. If I was travelling the country I'd go for it though.

l43a2, Nov 10, 6:05am
mobile broadband shouldn't replace a land line connection. mobile broadband is to be used outside of the home, if you used this as your main source of internet you would find you'd run out pretty quickly.

joe12, Nov 10, 6:07am
Hey hazelnut that sounds like a good deal 1GB for $30, i'm on orcon at home when I first started on orcon a few years ago it was $29.95 a month but has now slowly crept up to around $40-$45 a month, I didn't even know untill a few days ago that you could have broad band mobil on your laptop just by buying a USB stick the first $40 is free with the deal they have going at the moment so i'll just try it out see how it goes..so far its way better than what I thiough it would be the coverage has been excellent...might end up just going with the vodafone & not Orcon,

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